Let the Hamilton Family Eating Marathon Begin

Oh, it's finally here. I'm filled with dread and delight. Three whole days with nary a hunger pang. My family celebrates Christmas and although the holiday takes place on one day, and we have successfully stretched out the festivities (and by festivities I mean food) to last two days, we get an added bonus day of eating in my family: my birthday (yes, it's on Boxing Day, and yes I'm too old for you to ask me which birthday this is). It sounds frightening when it happens to someone else but when it happens to you, you have to just go with it and try to pace yourself (note to self: drink lots of water).

So the food-a-thon starts tomorrow night with tamales. I think this tradition resides mostly in the southwest US as well as south of the border of course. I'm in charge of the guac. Christmas day is all about the turkey. Yep, turkey again. Us Hamilton's can't get enough turkey. And the ham alternative is out of the question because I'm gagging just thinking about it (not a big fan...partially a texture thing). Then for my birthday, we go to my favorite restaurant, the Barking Frog. Thankfully, it's northwest fusion cuisine (yes, I hate myself for saying that) so I can get some fish (last year: sea bass with caramel sauce..mmmmm). 

The lowlight of the festivities is that my dad insists on having mincemeat pie and now, thinking about it, I can add dry heaving to my gagging repertoire (hee). I volunteered to make the pies so there you go. Anyway, over all, it's quite enjoyable with a few bowl games mixed in (and some nice wine to go with). And lots of napping nd Christmas stockings for the doggies.

Tomorrow kicks it off with my cooking/baking day. I'm just thankful that this family isn't into cookies and stuff. That would simply be "too much".

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  1. william says:

    STOP IT 🙂 – I’m hungry now and still at work.

    Have a Merry Christmas with the family and a Happy Birthday on Boxing Day.

    One more day till we are off to Spokane Christmas Eve so we can be lavished with food by my family.

    Best Regards,


  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Hah…sorry William. Well, I hope that everyone that is celebrating this holiday season has a great one.

    And to everyone: here’s to a Happy Kick-butt New Year!

  3. Free the Turkeys says:

    Hey –

    No baagin on the ham – some of us are allergic to those fowl birds! Happy New Year! Go Trojans!!

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Joe is that you? Just a guess ; )

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