Signs that Recruiters get Blogging

Back in July of 2004, I asked the question: "Where are all the Recruiting Blogs?". I guess the sign that they are officially here is's 2005 Best Blog Awards. The fact that there are enough recruiting-related blogs to award the "best" in several categories shows that recruiters (and vendors, CEOs, others) understand the medium; something that warms my candidate-focused heart.  Anyway, if recruiting blogs are your thing, you might want to check out their list of nominees.

Jason Goldberg of Jobster is sponsoring the grand prize trip to Las Vegas, so we can all shop for undies at Target on the strip.



Edit 12/14/05:  Here's the link to the voting if anyone is so inclined, but I can't tell you who to vote for ; )

Comments (4)

  1. nathan says:

    Carol Kleiman

    Regular columnist on career-stuff

    Chicago Tribune

    "Find ways to break through post-interview silence"

    Published December 8, 2005


    "One of the most frustrating experiences job seekers tell me they run into is trying to follow up with potential employers after going through an in-person job interview."

    Heather: what about blogging? I did not see this in Kleiman’s column. What do you think?

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Nathan-what’s the question? Whether blogs can be used to get feedback from an interview? Not sure what you are asking but I’m happy to answer : )

  3. nate says:

    Do you think a blog is a way to break through post-interview silence?

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    I think that candidates should follow up with the recruiters directly. Since the results of the interview are confidential, I don’t think that blogs would come in to play. Unless I am misunderstanding your question.

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