Is that a coffee cup on your car or are you just trying to wish me ‘happy holidays’

Post on the B2.0 Blog about Starbuck's "oops I left my cup on top of my car" marketing (I swear this looks like an Apprentice task). A guy drives his car around town with a cup of Starbuck's on top; it's actually affixed. As I commented on the original blog post, I suspect they are looking to drive (pun intended) people to the nearest-by Starbucks by making them think of how good a grande would be right now (my grande non-fat double-cut eggnog latte today was quite tasty). But I'm not sure a little cup on top of a car in a big city is enough to gather that much attention from a brand-building standpoint (on the other hand, we're blogging about it). They should give out coupons to the nice people that try to tell the guy his cup's on his car. And the nice people who blog about it ; )

Comments (7)

  1. MSDN Archive says:

    What does "double-cut" mean?

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    It means they cut the egg nog two times with non-fat milk. With a egg nog latte, they usually just add a certain amount of milk, but double cut means twice the ratio of milk to nog. It effectively just makes it less rich (and fattening), but gives enough of the egg nog flavor to make it yummy. I LOVE anything egg nog even though it seems like a drink from another planet.

  3. MSDN Archive says:

    Haha.. man, am I niave.. I didn’t undestand the "cut" reference at all. I’m just off the boat 😉

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    nah, not naive….just not a total coffee addict…that’s probably a good thing ; )

  5. MSDN Archive says:

    I’m only a two-a-day man. But the drug reference is scaring me 🙂

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    Ooh, I must be the naive one! I didn’t even think of that. Probably because the lady behind the counter looked like she was someone’s sweet aunt. It definitly sounded coffee-specific when she said it ; )

  7. MSDN Archive says:

    Those coffee-pushing aunties are the worst.. You tell yourself you could give it up any time you wanted.. once you have one more, of course.

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