Video Interview with Katy Hunter, Steve Ballmer’s Speechwriter

Channel9, usually the domain of the developer, has produced a new online video show highlighting women in technology at Microsoft. They are calling the show WM_IN (I think only because it sounds like "Women"...maybe there's some technical humor there that I don't understand). Anyway, I checked with the team to understand a little more about the types of roles/people they will be highlighting and they confirmed that women outside the developer ranks will be

Here's the link to an interview with Katy Hunter, Steve Ballmer's speechwriter. Really worthwhile viewing for anyone thinking about a career in marketing at Microsoft. Katy came into the company in a telesales role and spent most of the last 17 years here (I know!) in marketing and product management in the server and tools space. I supported Katy's team at one time. In this interview, Katy talks a lot about working with Steve, marketing roles and the Microsoft environment.

Comments (2)

  1. Rup says:

    ‘WM_’ means ‘Windows Message’ and there’s hundreds of them defined e.g. WM_MOUSEOVER, WM_KEYDOWN.

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Aha! I knew it. I wonder of they know that many of the readers of that channel won’t get it. Thanks for filling us in Rup!

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