TheLadders and Marketing and Finance Jobs at Microsoft

TheLadders says "Find $100k + Jobs at TheLadders". They advertise less fluff, more six-figure jobs. For the job seeker, not wanting to wade through the a bazillion telemarketing positions when they really want a Brand Director role, this is a find. Pick your "Ladder" (for example, there's a MarketingLadder) and search for relevant positions in one place. They hand-screen the jobs (no I am not kidding) and make sure you can find them.

Why am I telling you this? We just did a deal with TheLadders to have all of our $100k + potential jobs in marketing and finance (through Director level) posted there (and don't be surprised if you see similar agreements with Microsoft recruiting groups outside of marketing and finance). Just another option for you to stay current on what we are hiring for and navigate the postings with ease. Part of their service is free, part involves a fee. Kind of turns the whole jobs site thing on it's side.

From a recruiting perspective, the quality of resumes I have received is high. As a candidate, being in the company of other high-quality candidates is a competitive advantage (attracts recruiter eyeballs). This is where the business model comes in. Here's a recent Business2.0 article on them if you want to understand how it works. Also, Marc Cenedella, their chief guy, has a blog here you might want to check out.

Disclaimer: I have to admit that I am nervous even putting the words "$100K potential" in here, but I wanted to be clear that that is the space that TheLadders specializes in and we selected jobs with that potential. All offers are contingent upon candidate qualifications, though.

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  1. nate says:

    you might look back in 30 years and $100K will look small

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    If any of these jobs are still posted then, I am in big trouble ; )

    Seriously, it’s not a matter of large or small. For TheLadders, it’s about segmenting and screening (I’m sure they could say it better). My concern with putting the number out there is just about expectation setting.

  3. H. says:

    It is really a lie about The Ladders.  They advertise $100K jobs, but they do not screen the _recruiters_ who post these jobs.  Some of these recruiters are only looking for people they can make a high commission off of, by referring them to companies that pay headhunting fees to recruiters.

    I signed up to FinanceLadder and applied to over 60 jobs, but only 3 resumes actually went through to the companies that were advertising jobs!  The recruiters never responded, even to acknowledge my application – I only got confirmations from The Ladders web site itself.

    While I think The Ladders is a good idea, I believe the owners need to set up the web site so that resumes always go through directly to the company that is hiring, not a "middleman" who is "headhunting" for a profit for themselves.  These middle people have no interest in actually getting jobs for people, only in collecting resumes so that they have someone on file six months later when they see an opportunity to make money for themselves.  I will be taking my profile down this month and cancelling my membership on  The Ladders, because it has been 7 months and there are only three occasions where I can even confirm whether there WAS an open job, at all.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Hmm, there must be some way fo ryou to give them this feedback. Is there a "contact us" link on their site?

  5. Charles says:

    This is the first confirmation I have ever seen that recruiters post anything on The Ladders. About  99% of the time, the site merely reposts postings from other sites. It,s a web crawling engine. It makes more sense for H to use Google (sorry HeatherLeigh) to find the original posting. That eliminates the middleman.

  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    I don’t really agree with your characterization, especially since I have visited their HQ and have seen what they do. Candidates can think of them as a job aggregator if they like. Who wants to do an individual search for each company that interests them (and then have to search by job once they get there)? In my mind, it’s about efficiency for the candidate.

    Having said that, I encourage recruiters not to post their jobs there. More hires for us (and we make plenty of hires from TheLadders) 🙂

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