Cut and paste…stop!

Lately, I've noticed people cutting and pasting content off my blog and publishing it on their own blog. That's stealing and I don't like it. I'm totally OK with people quoting me, linking to me, etc., etc. But when it is obvious that someone is cutting and pasting off my blog (even one sentence...I know my own writing) but they don't make it clear that they are quoting me, that's totally uncool. Since these people are obviously reading my blog, I thought I'd mention it here. And I am asking you (you know who you are) to stop.

Like I said, you should feel free to link to me, but do not cut and paste without attributing it to me and do not paste an entire blog post of mine onto your blog. If you are using a couple sentences, with quotation marks, my name and link to my blog, that's fine. Otherwise, don't.

Man, that makes me grouchy.

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  1. michkap says:

    Is it possible that they are picking up the blog feed and publishing it? I’d hate to think people were actually stealing whole posts….

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    I don’t think so. I’ve seen my blog titles show up elsewhere, complete with my errors (which is not totally egregious, but still not right). And I just saw one where it was a whole blog post but just one whole blog post. The rest of his blog was other content.

    When I first started blogging, I remember catching a new blogger that stole my blog bio. He replaced a few words (names of companies, titles)but it was so obviously mine…whole sentences were intact. He was really embarassed and apologetic when I e-mailed him. I just don’t understand what people think when they are doing it. They must think it’s OK to lift people’s words? I don’t know.

    Even publishing a feed…you would think they would ask first. It’s someone else’s content.

  3. Todd Raphael says:

    I repeatedly see people taking entire articles and posting them on blogs (as if blogs reside in alternate universe with no copyright laws). A couple of sentences with attribution is "fair use" under the law–but grabbing hundreds of words is not.

  4. Wow at first I thought you meant you didn’t like people quoting you on their site but I can totally dig the fact that you wouldn’t want people stealing your words and not giving you credit for them.

    One would think that if someone respected what you had to say enough to publish it on their site that they would have enough respect to provide the credit / reference.

  5. Jon Galloway says:

    I’ve had that happen, too. Very irritating, especially when I spend hours on a post. I understand some of it is automated, and some of it is done by people who just don’t think it’s wrong.

  6. Jim Durbin says:

    Wait until you start seeing your ideas popping up in major newspapers. It is amazing that anyhone does it, but reporters thinking they won’t get caught? We’re not even talking Jayson Blair here.

    I for one am still convinced that Hollywood scriptwriters have mikes planted in my home. The final speech from Team America/World Police? i gave that speech in 1995 in the library after printing out my final paper.

    Not one dime in royalties. Not one dime.

  7. Andrei Ignat says:

    If so, this is a sign that you are REAAAAALLY good ( I no doubt 😉 )

  8. tod says:

    Yeah, as irritating as it probably is (hasn’t happened to me 😛 ) it’s also a back-handed compliment. They like your stuff enough to use it as their own. {shrug} Still sucks though.

  9. karen m says:

    Well, as much flak as I have gotten I have seen it happen quite a number of times to me as well; Recently it was amazing, they used my comments to validate a point they were making and at the same time flaming my other comments…. Funny thing it was almost Verbetam

    Imitation a form of Flattery, hmmmm.. sometimes it is pretty hypocritical.

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