Microsoft tops Financial Times’ "most Respected Companies" List

For the first time (of many, I hope), Microsoft has surpassed GE as most respected company, according to the recent Financial Times CEO survey (SeaTimes article...paid subscription required to access the article on the Financial Times website), conducted by PwC . We were also #1 in "shareholder value" and "innovation", fourth in customer service and fifth for "best turnaround". Bill Gates received some individual honors as well  ("most admired business leader", "most influential business writer or management guru").

Many of the usual suspects appeared on the surveys and Starbucks, our highly caffeinated little friend across the water made in in for the first time (congrats!).

PS:  List of awards the Microsoft has received

Comments (3)

  1. savvy says:

    how about getting Bill Gates to work on finding and catching Bin Laden?

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    haha ; )

  3. savvy again says:

    seriously, if they have extra time, we should put michael dell and bill gates to work on re-inventing homeland security and antit-terrorism (either full time or at least as consultants)

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