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Big launch so I guess I should blog about it, except everyone else already is, so I'll just link. I'm not a gamer myself, but I certainly admire the marketing that goes into launching a product like XBox 360 (plus it's cool to see customers geek out over a product). Anyway, here come the links:

Bill Gates at Best Buy

Robbie Bach, Power Player (via John Porcaro)

Q&A with Shane Kim, Microsoft Games Studio GM (from Todd Bishop)

Seattle PI on the XBox ad you won't see.

I have to admit that I chuckle a little at the people that think that Gates showing up at Best Buy was a publicity stunt...well, duh! If you think about it that way, isn't all PR? And do you think we are trying to convince people that Bill needs to stand in line to get his XBox? Surely you jest.

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