MSN Music Road Tour

What happens when 6 strangers "stop being polite and start being real" (sorry, but it sounds like MTV, does it not?) a number of music festivals? MSN Music Road Tour. Actually, I'm not sure if they stop being polite, but since they were traveling cross-country in an RV, you can guess (they may be more comfortable in confined spaces than I would be).

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  1. daryllmc says:

    what the????….

    no RSS feed??? Scoble will NOT be pleased.

    my other question would be, why didn’t they run this on MSN Spaces? hmmm…

  2. JobsBlog says:

    I actually met two of the Road Tourers at a Dave Matthews show in TN. Totally random.


  3. Rob says:

    It does use Spaces and there are RSS feeds for each of their blogs.

  4. daryllmc says:

    hmmm…I don’t see a) how it’s using Spaces or b) where the team members’ blogs are. Not sure what I’m missing but if I don’t see it easily I’m betting others don’t either.

  5. Becky says:

    Hey Heather!

    Thats cool that you finally found our roadtour website… it was an awesome experience and yes, people did "stop being polite and start being real"!

  6. says:

    Wow, I was on that tour. Interesting to find what’s left of it online. It was an experience that i would do again, but with the experience, better. I guess I am nostalgic a bit, we did experience rock like never before.

    I still want to work for msn music too! Am I wrong to miss Seattle?

  7. HeatherLeigh says:

    Wow, that was a long time ago. I totally forgot about this post.

    1) I got old since then….

    2) It’s never wrong to miss Seattle. I love living  here!

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