Microsoft tops Financial Times’ "most Respected Companies" List

For the first time (of many, I hope), Microsoft has surpassed GE as most respected company, according to the recent Financial Times CEO survey (SeaTimes article…paid subscription required to access the article on the Financial Times website), conducted by PwC . We were also #1 in “shareholder value” and “innovation”, fourth in customer service and fifth for…


Snow what?

There is snow expected here tomorrow (or tonight)…for some reason our weather-casters are wrong about 50% of the time (what a job…can I be wrong 50% of the time and still keep my job? Probably not!). They obviously have not figured out that if they predict rain/overcast between November and March, they have a pretty high…


Start something opthamologically questionable…..

like shooting milk from your eye. OK, for the record, I don’t actually endorse the practice. from InsideMicrosoft (I refuse to believe that Nathan thinks this is real)


LinkedIn Etiquette Tips

Here.  Some of it is just good advice for networking in general. Some of it sounds like advice you have heard from me before. Your network is your asset. Guard and nurture it.   More about LinkedIn at the Social Networking weblog


Impressions of a 6 month old Microsoftie

Actually, his Microsoftness is 6 months old. He definitely looks older than that in the pictures. Here’s a post from Adam Herscher, a campus hire from last summer, on his impressions of Microsoft, 6 months into his tenure. I experienced many of the same things. Was totally shocked at how nice people were and the…


Huge opportunity…scent-based marketing

I like to smell stuff…I admit it. They (you know, my good friends “they”) say that smell is the most powerful of the five senses when it comes to evoking memories. Dry California air and stale beer takes me back to college (in a good way). The smell of BBQ beef reminds me of when…


Mistakes in blogging…

I’ve noticed lately that many new bloggers can’t wait to announce the creation of their blog(s). I’m sure part of it is excitement from joining the ranks of “bloggers” (eventually, you get over it) and part a desire to drive traffic. It’s also not a good idea. Consider the fact that it is the content…


Holidays good time to polish that resume

I vaguely remember posting something about this topic last year, but figure if I forgot, you did too. Wanted to give you an inside peek at recruiting during the holidays and how you can use that to your advantage (cue evil laughter). It’s no surprise that at this time of year, people are out of…