Scientists Discover Senior VP with Intense Interest in Recruiting

I'm only kind of kidding. How many senior business leaders do you know that are so engaged in recruiting that they actually do the campus visits themselves and then blog about it? Steven Sinofsky, our SVP in Office is such a person. Steven is known at Microsoft to be an advocate of campus recruiting (which isn't my space, so I sure am glad someone else is blogging about it). You can see in his bio, he joined Microsoft in 1989 after completing his masters' degree in comp sci. Yes, you certainly can build a whole career here. (In 1989 I was in college trying to figure out how I could avoid getting a didn't work, but it took me a while to end up here).

If you have any questions about college recruiting, working in Office, managing teams at Microsoft, etc., you should definitely check out Steven's blog!

Comments (2)

  1. Mack Collier says:

    Heather just found your blog, very interesting reading so far. Since you are a recruiter, do you feel employers will turn more to blogs in the coming year to fill their positions? I’ve been reading more and more about employers screening potential candidates by reading their blogs, and based on what I was reading, started posting on this advertising/marketing blog:

    What are your thoughts? It seems like a win-win situation: employers can learn much about a candidate before ever talking to them, and the candidate can showcase their communication and marketing skills.

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Mack-good question. I think that many employers will continue to do this informally, but it’s hard to work into a standard recruiting process (where time constraints could be a major issue). I think a string recruiter in a niche area would have some knowledge of credible bloggers in that area so there could be an impact in that way rather than recruiters searching each and every candidate they bring in. Other recruiting folks may be more diligent about this type of thing.

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