BillG on MTV

Tonight at 8:30, Bill Gates' new album drops on MTV. OK, just kidding, but he will be on MTV in a segment called: "The Notorious B.G. – A Forum with Bill Gates" (no, I am totally serious). This is all somehow related to Bill's college tour, which looked like a lot of fun (they got to meet Bill before I even get to? Not fair!).

There will also be an extended version on Overdrive (MTV's online service).

There's also a segment on MTVU  (yes, today's college students get their own MTV) where BillG surprises a class at 'Sconsin.

My take on all of this? This is what you do when computer science enrollments are down; take some responsibility for making it cool.


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  1. What happens when you don’t want to scoop yourself? You get scooped. 🙂 Earlier this week, I was compiling

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