Proof of sunshine in Seattle

Or maybe it's always sunny when you are #1 (whee!). Please humor me just once each college football season, OK? (Ah, maybe twice)...

I'm off to points south later this week for our game against WSU at the Coliseum and to take care of this pale glow in Mexico.

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  1. Tim says:

    Hmm, Heather. The whole picture looks a bit Photoshopped. Are you sure you actually left the office for this?

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    haha…if I was going to photoshop it, I wouldn’t start with the background ; )I swear there was sun the whole day!

    By the way, for those not familiar with Husky Stadium, that’s Lake Washington in the background (not the Puget Sound as the FSN commentators said when I watched the re-broadcast yesterday). We got to the game via boat (which starts in the sound, goes through the locks into Lk Washington…salt water to fresh), which I would recommend people trying once, especially if they are visiting.

  3. Texas went up on you in the BCS. Only thing that matters in the end is winning the national championship game (or…you know…making it to the game *cough*i’m not bitter*cough*) so I’m kinda pulling for your guys…historical run they’re on. Looks like you had a good time though, grats on seeing the sun! Come to florida, we’ll trade. I’ll take overcast any day 🙂

    In other news…Auburn sucks. That is all.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Aw, Scott, it pains me to hear you down on Auburn. I saw the SC/Texas switcheroo in the BCS poll. Can’t say I was surprised…Texas beat a ranked opponent and we beat an un-ranked one. We still have 2 ranked opponents to play (Texas only has one from what I understand so I expect to see another switcheroo and let’s see if VaTech gets into the mix!). Agree that the ranking when it;’s all over is wehat’s important (as well as not being an undefeated #3 in the BCS poll…shudder to think of it).

    Looks like Florida has gotten lots of overcast lately, huh? Suppose you are north of the action?

  5. I’ll say Florida’s gotten overcast lately–by like 4 touchdowns. Roll Tide!

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