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People that know me may be surprised that I have decided to give Mexico a second chance (it's a big country after all and my misfortune was my own doing). I went down there 2 years ago and literally got so sick I thought I was going to die. Plus my hotel didn't end up being as nice as advertised and there were regular power outages (try sitting in a dark hotel room outside of town for hours, alone,  and being too sick to drink).  To add insult to injury, one of the power outages was at the end of the USC/Cal game when it was in triple overtime and I could not find out the outcome (for me, that is a separate ring in hell). I high-tailed it back home and spent the rest of my vacation in my own bed. I clearly could have made some better food choices when was down there...guess I was living dangerously.

Anyway, I vowed not to go back to Mexico without medical supervision. So now I am going on a cruise with some family members (one of whom is a nurse practitioner). I haven't taken a *real* vacation since the last time I went to Mexico so this is a big deal for me. On the way down to get on the boat, I stop off in LA for Homecoming (and get to see one of my best college buddies that I haven't seen in almost 15 years), then I go to San Diego and get to visit my friend Denise and her cute family (can't wait to see you Denise!). Then I get on the boat and head south! Ole'!

Right now I am researching day excursions (let's just say the tequila factory tour is a no brainer because I loves me some tequila). If you have any recommendations on things to do in Cabo (besides barfing in the dark), Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo and/or Manzanillo, lay 'em on me! The other part of my preparation is to try to lose another 5 pounds before the cruise so I can enjoy myself and indulge a little. Let's just say that if someone were to wave a potato in front of my face right now, I would bite their hand. ; )

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  1. Barrett says:

    Hope its a week or two before you go:

    You’ll have to go to Cabo Wabo while in Cabo. Also check out The Office, a great restaurant on the beach:

  2. Rich C says:

    But of course: Parasail! You’ve got to get up there and see Mazatlan from above.

    Also, check out the Cabo webcam at My wife and I spent a great afternoon on that beach drinking Margaritas.

  3. John says:

    Word of advice – bring your own Imodium…just got back from a cruise in the Mediterranean – wasn’t feeling too great so asked for some Imodium at the medical center – you would have thought I had just announced I was radioactive!! – Granted, with the bad PR around “sick cruise ships” etc, they need to be careful – but being quarantined in my room for 48 hours because I was “operating” at a less than optimal state seemed like overkill – they did a great job of providing in room activities, and even refunded my fare for those 2 days, it still was a LONG 48 hours….

    have a great time!

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Barrett-yep, it’s a little while before I leave but last time I went I got there right after a tropical storm and there was sandy mud everywhere…lovely! Cabo Wabo..think Sammy Hagar will be there?

    Rich-so it sounds like Mazatlan is the place toparasail…good to know!

    John, I’ll do that. I have prilosec and pepto but the immodium is a good call. 2 days in the cabin sounds rough (not as rough as my situation, but still). I went tio Mexico when I was younger and took a shot of pepto every day and I even ate off a taco cart and was fine (not that I would ever do that again). Wise advoce to bring along the meds!

  5. nathan says:

    People gave me the following advice when outside the U.S.:

    -Do not drink stuff from a tap, including water (this includes ice cubes) (this might rule out margaritas?)

    -Preferably drink stuff in bottles from a company you recognize.

    -Use a lot of quality soap (eg, wash hands a lot).

    Hopefully this is not too geeky or risk-averse.

  6. nathan says:

    one more:

    if you are around lots of bottles and bottled beverages, you might want to do so in a safe settings.

    bottles can be dangerous. violent people and bottles are a bad mix. getting hit with a bottle is ugly.

  7. Suzanne Tonini says:

    Hi Heather- I know people get sick and all but it all really boils down to common sense- wash hands, drink bottled water, wash veggies & fruits with iodine solution in water. Believe me, I know- I grew up in S. America!

    As for Puero Vallarta, the town itself is pretty authentic, if you get away from the first 3 rows of streets that cater to tourists. For a cool, and different experience, grab a boat that goes out to Yelapa, a town you can only get to by boat, (and that until recently had no electricity), and is reminiscent of the South Pacific. I would recommend tons of other places but you only have the day, so… I myself am thinking of moving there- hey, have high-speed internet and VOIP, will work!

    PS- I wanted to connect with you on LinkedIn and never did get a reply. I will try once again.

    Thanks Heather- and have a great time in Mexico!!

  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    Yes, much of it is common sense, but I wasn’t necessarily exercising that much of it when I was there last. Anyway, the medicine advice from some folks above is really helpful.

    I think you are right about Puerto Vallart. I went there when I was in my early twenties and we did some shopping in some areas that seemes very authentic and many of the restaurant choices seemed authentic as well (plus my cheap boyfriend liked getting dinner for $5…oops, did I just say that out loud?). Love the recommendations.

    Re: LinkedIn, I only connect with people I have relationships with. Feel free to be in touch though…happy to build new relationships!

  9. Suzanne Tonini says:

    Hi Heather- you’re going to have a great time, especially since you now know better. PV is a great town, and let me know if you make it to Yelapa.

    Oh- if you like Tequila, then you MUST buy a bottle of Raicilla- here is a link to some of the *benefits*:

    No worries on the LinkedIn issue- I can totally understand. Hasta la vista y buena suerte, amiga!

  10. HeatherLeigh says:

    Suzanne…now I know who to go to for all the scoop on Mexico. Just printed out that article so I can take it with me on the trip!

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