Product Management Consortium, October 6

We'll be there this Thursday! Well, not me, but Maria and Colin will be there along with some other recruiters and/or hiring managers. It's a good opportunity to get some face time with Microsoft recruiters. I'm not a big fan of job fairs but I understand this is more of a networking event; smaller, more comfortable, with food (no booths!).

Anyway, register and stop by if you can (it's in Seattle). You can also let us know ahead of time if you are going to be there so we can keep our eyes open for you. And if they ask you where you heard about this, please tell them about my blog so they give me a discount next time ; ) (my reputation as the reigning queen of discounts can then live on!)

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  1. kayvaan says:

    Shoot – I wish i could get out there. I do agree that job fairs are not the greatest. We have a similar phenomenon in my MBA program — they’re called "on-campus information sessions". Basically a job fair on a smaller scale. It’s supposed to be a way for MBA’s to meet visiting recruiters from a company and network.

    But the time constraints and, more importanly, ratio of candidates to recruiters means you get the "circle the recruiter and jockey for attention" phenomenon which is always fun. Everyone hates it and it’s virtually impossible to build a rapport and actually get someone to remember you.

    Actually (hint) the best thing to do is show up REALLY EARLY (if you can get in) when the recruiters are sitting/standing around getting ready but before most candidates are there and talk to them then….

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Good advice Kayvaan! We are trying to do events (3rd party events and our own) that focus more on the networking set-up. Without bringing a Microsoft employee for each person to talk to, of course, someone will have to wait. But we are getting much closer. Our Finance event that we did in August had 70 attendees and about 20 MS employees. What do you think about web conferences as a medium?

    Also, we are thinking about doing some networkiong nights with Exec MBAs. Do you think that would be of interest to people?

    Warning: This is the part of my blog where I ask people that are obviously very smart for advice ; )

  3. kayvaan says:

    Hmmm…. The web conferencing idea is interesting. Since blogging is such a great way to network, web conferencing could be too. How does that work? Is it text-only or a/v too?

    For exec MBA’s – aren’t they usually already working for a company? That’s why they’re doing the exec. program. I’d imagine there would be fewer candidates in a pool like that. But it would probably still garner some interest. Hard to say – I don’t work with many exec MBA’s — I’m in the full-time program. I do have a couple in my marketing strategy class. I’ll ask them.

    Actually, Microsoft is on campus here tomorrow at an infosession (UT McCombs). They’re also doing an "office hours" event on Thursday. Basically they set up shop for four hours and let people drift in and out at their leisure. This, IMHO, is a great idea because it spreads out the crowd. You just have to pick a good time and you get LOTS of QT. It’s 8a to noon and I’ll be there at 8am (I practice what I preach).

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Kayvaan, it would be a live meeting, so live online as well as audio (via phone). My experience with exec MBAs is that they are usually already working for a company but many/most of them are looking for something bigger once they get the MBA (hence the reason to get it, I guess). I’m OK with there being fewer candidates. I think the concept applies to candidates from other sources as well, I just can’t touch the current 2-year MBAs because they are handled through a different team here. Regardless of whether the person is an exec…let’s just say they are a marketing or finance person that is potentially looking for a job, I’m wondering the kind of content that would be interesting. I could envision someone talking about a type of job at Microsoft or a group, lots of Q and A. Maybe a special interest topic like the viral campaign that XBox did with ilovebees.

    So you’ll probably meet Ian when you get to the office hours. I haven’t met him yet but I plan on collaborating with him a lot in the near future so that he can focus on full-time and I can focus on exec MBAs (the exec space is a new focus for us).

    Anyway, I look forward to whatever feedback you get from the exec MBAs in your class. The cool thing about my team is we can try new stuff. So I am definitely open minded about how to engae with folks…especially at great schools like McCombs!

  5. kayvaan says:

    So it turns out one of the Microsoft reps today was a McCombs TEMBA alum – his name is Isaac (I’ll email you his email address if you have more questions). He had some thoughts:

    – TEMBA candidates are extremely time and schedule-constrained for obvious reasons — much moreso than full-timers. Events need to be extremely punchy and to-the-point.

    – They also need to be on-time and scheduled far in advance. Things like an open, four-hour "office hours" like we had today for the full-time students wouldn’t work for the TEMBAs.

    – TEMBA candidates are (as you surmised) indeed looking for other opportunities

    If I get more from other TEMBAs I’ll let you know.

  6. Eugenie says:

    It doesn’t pay to be on the East Coast when the networking event is on the West! I just sent an email to Maria today then jumped on your blog to play catch-up, Maria’s busy networking! Wish I could be there — I could then provide you with some tangible feedback on the effectiveness from a candidate’s perspective.

    Any plans on the East Coast?

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