You want to talk about what is new and innovative in recruiting?

This is.  Studio Smackdown 2....sounds like fun, huh? From the folks at Aquent (with a little support from Adobe), motion graphics designers battle a' la The Apprentice and you get to vote online. You can review participant bios and portfolios online (and of course, there's a button for you to contact Aquent if you want to hire one of!).  

Bravo, guys! Makes me wonder what the heck I was doing during Studio Smackdown 1. Don't worry, I promise not to recap ; )

Via Tim

Comments (4)

  1. Tim says:

    I thought that would be something you like. I’m actually starting to like booting people off. Hmmm, could be addictive…

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    evil genius ; )

  3. Gerry Crispin says:

    Very cool. Thanks. I could envision a cooperative effort among 3-5 graduating students with similar college majors and career objectives getting together a ‘smack down’ on their career placement server and then marketing it to the recruiters in 50 targeted companies. They can’t lose if they engage the recruiter and hiring manager – one of them will surface as the hire – and enough companies will guarantee they all win.

    A company could use it to illustrate from the recruiter’s perspective – a behavioral based interview. Each of the "candidates" (actors) responds to set questions with the (audience/jobseekers) voting for the one that offers the best evidence of their past performance for the open position (include job description).

    The explanation of which one a hiring manager would choose (getting through the halo, etc.)after the smack down would be educational and assist jobseekers in putting their best foot forward when/if they get up to bat. It would be a very engaging way to create a more transparent hiring process. Hmmm. This acutally could work. Let me know if MS wants to pursue. I’ll help.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Gerry, I love it! Which university is progressive enough to try something like that, I wonder. I do think you are right about doing it on the universities server bc putting it on a company server could cause all kind of issues if the candidate didn’t like how he/she was portrayed. It’s kind of like an individual version of a team case competition. I have heard about them (thought not involved since I hire folks post-graduation) and have always like the idea of hiring a whole team that wins and keeping them intact to work on a business issue inside the company. I’m sure there are 100 reasons why that wouldn’t work, but I still love the idea.

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