Fax number included why?

I can't remember the last time I received a resume by fax (OK, I'll admit that I started recruiting when you only received resumes in person or by fax and that meant that slightly yellow-tinged curly paper..man am I feeling old). The only things I send by fax now are things that need an actual, non-electronic signature (and I still think "can't that company get onboard with eCommerce? It's so 1997!"). I think I have used a fax machine maybe 2 times in the last 6-12 months. So I'm wondering why people still include a fax number on their auto signature or business cards. It just seems kind of weird to me. Is it nostalgia?

I mean, you may as well include your stagecoach stop in your autosig.

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  1. TAG says:

    It’s becouse some folks from MSFT still use fax to send invoices / invitation letters / contracts / agreements / etc …

  2. Stagecoach Stop! Good times.

  3. abhinaba says:

    This made me look at my business card, and voila even I had a fax number printed on it. I have never-ever received a fax though 🙂

    The only time I had to send one was a W-8BEN form to US.

  4. Chuck Armatys says:

    I receive faxes all the time. Mostly mark-ups from our Marcomm group (they claim creativity above technology) and our legal department (claims are not permitted there without supporting evidence). We also send a good deal of faxes to customers for user group meetings and such.

    Based on what Heather said, sending a faxed resume would probably get you noticed!


  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    TAG-I should have been clearer…I wasn’t talking specifically abuot people at Microsoft. Just people in general that I know arne’t sending and receiving faxes. Or at least, like me, not enough to include a fax number on their business card.

    Scott-ya like that one?

    Abhinaba-I thikn we are just used to seeing fax numbers there…easy to overlook.

    Chuck-I would suspect that folks in creative fields need to get faxes. I wouldn’t say that nobody should include them on their cards. Just that more people include them than actually use them.

  6. unpradeep says:

    Well when we receive Fax as an email straight in our Inbox – then there can be an argument for faxes:

    Here are two good reason why I thought fax was cooler if you have this (fax sent to ur Inbox) technology

    a) When dealing with supporting docs

    It’s easier to fax along copies of your passport, certificates, gradesheets etc etc – and get an email version of it – which I could later "archive" and e-fax instead of faxing docs every single time (ofcourse this is as opposed to photo copying and mailing or scanning)

    b) When dealing with the govt. viz. immigrations/IRS.

    They seem to be at the fag end of the technology adoption curve atleast in the US. Though govts in some countries like Singapore pretty much are on the innovation frontier on some techs!

    Fax still has its uses 🙂

    (though the slightly yellow curled paper does it make it sound like some fad in the 80s) 🙂

  7. … I have to laugh. Microsoft requires fax’d copies of contracts. And physical ones as well, for contracts worth more than 10,000$

  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    OK, OK, our procurement and contracts folks can have it on their business cards!Immigration attorneys too! ; )

  9. JobsBlog says:

    Technical recruiters use the fax machine a lot since they are constantly compiling visa paperwork to send off to our legal department, who only accepts documents in faxed format. (What’s sad is if a candidate emails me a scanned version of their passport or diploma, I have to go to the lobby and fax it to myself so it gets in fax form. Silliness. Pure silliness.)


  10. Tim says:

    Being a staffing company, we still get faxes all the time. Though, I’m not really sure I need business cards at all, fax number or no.

  11. HeatherLeigh says:

    Tim-I still use business cards at events. Still meeting enough folks face to face before I exchange mails. It’s not just the phone number and e-mail address but also the blog url. Plus, I like them..they’re pretty.

  12. BillyB says:

    In 1995 when I applied for a job at Microsoft, I sent my resume via e-mail.

    I was told this was unfair to other aplicants, who didn’t have access to e-mail and I would have to resubmit my resume by fax.

  13. HeatherLeigh says:

    BillyB-that’s funny. I interviewed in 1995 and would bet money that I faxed in my resume. Holy cow, could I have mailed it in? Seems so long ago!

  14. Lourdes says:

    Actually, it depends a lot on your industry. Industry where original signatures are required still use fax’s a lot – like, for example, the Real Estate industry (Escrow, etc.)

  15. bigmamac says:

    I am getting new business cards and began contemplating why I bother to have the fax number.  They have my email and my phone.  Who sends a fax out of the blue?    I decided if anybody needs to send me a stupid fax, they can call me and ask me for the number.  I’m out.

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