Answering Tricky Interview Questions

Article by Kate Lorenz on MSN (article not related to Microsoft recruiting directly).

This article in right on the money. I have been telling people for years "Anticipate interview questions. Write them down. Practice answering". Thinking back to my interviews here 6+ years ago, the memory of walking around my loft actually answering the questions out loud makes me laugh. But I did it! I dance with my dog sometimes though, so guess it's just par for the course. He likes Earth Wind and Fire too.

Also, I can tell you that the recruiter can tell almost immediately if someone has not prepared. Even if the company called you and you weren't actively looking, preparation rationalizes the time investment you put into the interviews themselves (why bother taking the day off work if you aren't going to really give it a go?).

And, the questions are fun to brainstorm with friends over drinks. Just use your own answer, not those of your liquored up buddy ; )

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