Siebel/Oracle Jitters Getting You Down? Feel Free to Get in Touch!

CNET: Siebel/Oracle Workers Express Merger Jitters

One Siebel employee: "I am not an engineer and am not a sales guy. I probably will be working somewhere else"

E-mail me at Yes we have positions open in functions across the company. Yes, I'll answer your e-mail. And yes, I'll get your resume into the right hands. Promise ; )

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  1. Polly says:

    This is shameless and disgusting. Given that your company has been proven to be an illegal monopoly, I would advise you to allow an attorney to determine whether such posts are a good idea.

  2. Jake says:

    Wow! It is amazing that the less intelligent still postulate a somewhat delirious form of a feeling out on the world wide web. Heather, rest assured that those hurtful comments are aimed at your employer and not at you personally. Yeah Right*)#

    When they can get a real job like you, then they can afford to blog anything about their lives that they deem interesting. Hmm. Maybe Not!

    I know, they are not really a real person, just some non-AI form that escaped from the lab over in Utah!! HeHe!

    Anyway, have a nice day at the office, and keep in touch with those of us who enjoy your work.

  3. John says:

    Polly, Phil and Jake must be Linux or Mac users. Such hateful comments from "nice" people? I am sure that there are a lot of people at Siebel and Oracle that are worried and it is nice to know that companies are interested in hiring them.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    I guess my point was that if there are people out there that are concerned and looking for a new position, they should definitely feel free to contact me. I guess somehow that makes me evil? Whatever! Certainly not poaching. Incidentally, my headline was a reference to the title of the article.

    Advertising that we have open positions to people that are concerned about losing their jobs = shameful AND disgusting….whatever!

  5. Jake says:


    I am quite sympathetic to those who are, have been and possibly will in the future, be searching for positions of employment. I must admit that I reread my post, and find humor in it. John, who later posts a comment, leaning to the opinion that I am a Linux or Mac user, is somewhat clueless as to my reason for posting to your defense. In your defense, an employee, as a representative of whatever company, does in no way have to receive or accept abuse from a non-concerned party. Without malice for John, Phil or Polly, I understand their position of thought, but do not agree with them, which is acceptable.


  6. HeatherLeigh says:

    Jake, I don’t have any problem with what you wrote before. I’m immune to pot-shots at my employer and believe everyone is enttiled to an opinion even if they are wrong (that’s my humor, by the way). I think it was hard to tell by the first few lines where you were going with it, which is why John may have posted that. I think Phil’s post was in jest, actually so I don’t have an issue with that either (you can’t technically "poach" someone who is actively looking for a position…otherwise, recruiting departments would be called poaching departments). Polly obviously feels there is some malevolent intent behind my offer to help. First, that’s not my style (heloo, has this person even read my blog?). Second, if he/she knew me they would know that I would actually help some of these job seekers connect with people at other companies if I could (which I have done for other people). And frankly, anonymous posts from people that I have never seen before (talking about Polly, not you), don’t carry a lot of credibility as far as I am concerned. I am ALWAYS open to haveing a productive dialog. Random pot-shots don’t count as that.

    So anyway, no need to justify your post. I’m OK with it. But thanks for the thoughful response. It’s appreciated nonetheless ; )

  7. Wiliam says:

    Hi Heather,

    Keep up the great work and ignore the nasty comments.

    As someone who has been in the same location for almost 8 years with 3 different owners it is nice to know that options exist outside the current employer. I have seen great people get fired and bad people get promoted during these times. There comes a time when the best thing you can do for your professional career, health, family, pets, etc is to get a different job.

    While I have been loyal to my employers, sometimes company mergers take a long time, you get placed in holding patterns, or assigned to different positions you do not like. For someone who is very passionate, wants to be challenged, and energized on a day to day basis it is great to have someone like you open our eyes up to other opportunities at a great company.

    I remember our HR person making a comment about you have the freedom to leave the company at any time and they have the freedom to get rid of you at any time. However there may be NDA and non-compete clauses which need to be honored in certain industries.

    Also I do not believe that your comments implies any forceful capture, limos waiting at employees houses (I’m still waiting for mine), or MSN butterfly people outside of the company offering money to switchover:)

    Best Regards,


  8. HeatherLeigh says:

    Haha…William, you are awesome. Very well stated! That’s exactly how I feel. I’ve said it before: I’m a free agent (and aside from NDA, etc., as you state, we all are). If someone offered me something that was better than I’ve got going right now, I’d take it. And I don’t worry about my chain of command knowing that because I think it says great things about my employer. Namely, that they have provided me more than anyone else has been able to offer. And I’m having a lot of fun here (still! after 6 years even)

    Even if I knew someone here that was unhappy I would say: 1) can I or someone else help change the situation and if not, 2) can I help you find something else? Because those people would leave anyway. Luckily, this isn’t a regular occurance ; )

    Anyway, you guys will hear more from me on honesty and recruiting soon. Just a little teaser that I am working on something. ; )

    Thanks again for the support, William. And despite that fact that I am "shameful" and "disgusting" (I am thinking of having a t-shirt made so I can warn people), feel free to send me your resume at any time if you haven’t already ; )

  9. william e. poach says:


  10. william poach says:

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