Oh Happy Day…un-doing the wrong that was done to me 6/28/1999

We don't get to pick our e-mail addresses here. When a new employee joins, the e-mail alias is chosen for them (my friend Ann swears she didn't pick mine, but...). Anyway, someone (not Ann) somewhere (not Ann's office) decided that I needed to be heathham@microsoft.com. Because of that, this conversation happens all the time:

Person: Heather, can I have your e-mail adddress?

Me: sure, I need to spell it for you. It's h-e-a-t-h-another h-a-m at microsoft dot com

Person: wait a minute...h-e-a-t-h-a-m?

Me: nope, h-e-a-t-h-another h...

Person: two Hs?

Me: two in the middle, one at the beginning. Three altogether. I know, I didn't get to choose it.

Person: could you just e-mail me first?

Me: no problem.


Another scenario:

"Dear Heath,"

Or another:

"Dear Ms. Ham" (if only you knew how much the thought of ham makes me gag).

OK, so now all of that is officially over because I am Heather.Hamilton@microsoft.com. Woohoo! I guess there's something called Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 (MIIS) that enables it. I don't really know what it is or how it works and I don't care. My old e-mail address will still work, but the new one is added as part of my profile. I'm just hoping that people will actually stop calling me heathham here!


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  1. Dean Harding says:

    At least they called your *Ms* Ham, since "Heath" is a boy’s name 🙂

    That is to say, I’ve never heard of a girl who’s name was "Heath"…

  2. I was wondering when Microsoft was going to move away from the 8 character user names. It is like so DOS! 😉

  3. patblue says:

    I liked Heathham! I changed mine years ago, my original alias as ‘pbluemel@microsoft.com’ -it caused me so much grief. Back when I was a group assistant, I loved giving alias names. I wouldn’t have chosen Heatham for you though. Probably ‘Hham’. Because I like ham.

  4. tod says:

    Yeah, I like the friendlier look of the fname.lname@microsoft.com format. I just hope the spammers don’t catch wind of it. :-O

    By the way, you can always submit a request to change your alias. My original was "tohil" or something odd like that. 😐 I changed it within my first week.

  5. Paul says:

    It’s interesting how much a part of our identity email names have become. The typical name/initial concatenations that most people use have become nmemonics for me, and I associate visuals with many of the more amusing ones. Where it conjures up no image but is pronounceable, it becomes a unique name that I prefer to the real one.

    I thought Heathham was one of the more interesting ones – had a kind of funny English-sounding feel to it, a tad eccentric, vaguely like a real name, but completely made up. I feel your pain, but I hope you won’t mind if the image persists. Tohil would have been a good one too. Oh well.

  6. Tim says:

    That reminds me of a friend I had who lived on Charlieville (pronounced "Charley-ville") Avenue and worked on Cahuenga (pronounce "Cah-wenga") Blvd. He spent all day spelling out either his home or work address. Man was he ever happy when he moved and got a new job.

  7. HeatherLeigh says:

    Dean-I actually get "Dear Sir" all the time too. I don’t take it personally unless I’ve already met the sender in person ; )

    Chris-OK, now you are officially a computer geek with that humor!

    Pat-pbluemel isn’t bad! Didn’t know about the ham. If I ever get a ham for a gift, I’ll just send it your way (by the way, I hope this never happens!)

    Tod-I can’t fear the spam with my job. Oh to go back to the days when I could hide in anonymity. Actually, nevermind…I wans’t haven’t as much fun back then. By the time I really thought about changing my alias, it was already too late. PLus, the likely ones were already taken so I’d have had to come up with something. "tohil" is pretty bad.

    Paul-you know I never thought of pronouncing it the way the Brits pronounce things with "ham" at the end (sounds like "um"). That probably could have made it more bearable.

    Tim-yeah, I’m familiar with Cahuenga. I used to live on Holmby ("there’s an L in there"). A bog challenge for me when I got here was pronouncing all the Native American names here…I didn’t know Snoqualmie from Snohomish!

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