Sakun, it’s not "goodbye"…it’s "see you later"

This week marks the end of awesome Sakun's internship. Sakun returns to finish up her Masters of HR (after her impressive CS undergrad degree and an MBA...whew!). The HR interns, like Sakun, that are offered positions (like Sakun)  and accept (like Sakun...oops, I'm getting ahead of myself...hopeful thinking) go into a rotational program within HR where they do 3 stops in the organization in different roles, then are able to pursue wherever their passion leads within HR. As much as I think it's unlikely that we would be lucky enough to get Sakun back on our team, just knowing she's back at Microsoft would be enough for me.

So Sakun, it's not "goodbye"'s "see you later"...I hope!


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  1. daryllmc says:

    Hope to see you in the address book soon Sakun!! 🙂

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