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I've said before that I don't think Microsoft uses it's own employees enough in it's advertising, especially it's recruitment advertising. We know the value of humanizing a brand through blogging (and the fact that some people are surprised that someone like me, or any MS employee, is nice or answers e-mail me!), but I think there's an opportunity to do it through more traditional advertising media as well. I wanted to highlight a couple of people profiles that appear on our career page. I was reading our careers newsletter today and one jumped out at me because I was involved in her hire. You can ding me for blatant advertising, but if I didn't think our people were awesome, I wouldn't be here (and really that goes for any recruiter). And, well, I don't allow advertising on my blog (for obvious reasons), so consider this my advertising.


Dametra...I recruited Dametra at a national conference (and our MBA recruiting team hired her). It may have felt more like stalking to her ; ) I knew she was right for Microsoft right away!








Cindy (Cindy has worked on some of the coolest marketing at Microsoft)

Scott (I used to support Scott...I'm a fan)










Before anyone asks, no they didn't ask me to be profiled for the site, so I created my own...this blog (OK, so that wasn't really what made me start the blog, but I guess it accomplishes some of the same things)

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  1. Well there is one area that Microsoft has done a great job using real people in recruitment. The area is technical. By allowing people within the company to blog and have resources like Channel9 has given Microsoft a relatively free PR recruiting campaign. Blogs and blogging has been red hot in the technical community for a while so most developers that work in the Windows world I know keep up with Microsoft blogs.

    Maybe there needs to be a resource within Microsoft that parallels Channel9 for developers. A way to expose the human side of the marketing, financial, HR and operational parts of Microsoft. That would allow people in these areas outside the company to connect with the people that be great non-technical things with Redmond.

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Chris-great idea! I suspect that because recruitment (employment branding) could be a main reason to do that, you are looking at it (at least for marketing, finance and HR). But I think that means that I need to get more marketers and finance folks here too to talk about their work. Good point (though it was easier when I was just blaming other people for the lack of employees in advertising…darn!)

  3. K Ram says:

    Someone’s motivated to join the company ‘coz of reading the profile?

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