If Dan offers to work on your carburettor

Just say no.

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  1. Steve Hall says:

    As fate would have it…the winning entry in the contest from Dan was rather appropriate for this last weekend.

    You see, it was the very first San Jose Grand Prix, telecast around the world. (No kidding! Lotsa noisy race cars that needed lots of special handling…) The local "newspaper of record", The San Jose Mercury News, dutifully reported this award on page 3A of Friday’s paper underneath the 83rd article about the race.

    The conspiracy theororist in me makes me want to believe that either the judges in the contest were caught up in "Grand Prix fever" when handing out prizes…or Dan secretly hatched a devious plot to tap into their subliminal minds (knowing they’d be distracted by the race to properly hand the award out to someone else more worth it).

    Oops! That last sentence was another potential entry for next year…

    According to the article, Dan was too cheap to accept his $250 prize due to travelling in China. Maybe we should’ve offered him a few grand-stand tickets to the race!

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Steve-You may be right about your theory. I bet he would have been very distracted at the race…wait, can you see a carburettor from the stands?

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