Quick video with Steve Ballmer

Well I meant to post this when it came out, but...<insert excuse here...I won't bore you of if I do it has nothing to do with how busy I am>. Steve Ballmer talks about innovation and blogging. I might have gone in with some other questions if I was the interviewer, but kudos to Robert for getting the interview in the first place.

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  1. Todd Spatafore says:

    Out of curiosity, what questions would you have asked?

  2. Brad says:

    This is a great catch by Robert and the Channel 9 team.

    One thing I liked about an interview he did with Jim Allchin was that he asked Jim to describe his work day. It would have been fascinating to hear Steve B answer the same question.

    Another question could have been a great learning moment that Steve B has had in the last year? Steve B is obviously passionate, with good reason, about developers and programmers. It would be interesting to hear him comment on the value and need of the other kinds of employees who work at MS. I was a little surprised when Robert asked Steve what kinds of questions he (Robert) should be asking Steve. You would have thought Robert would have walked in with a long list.

    Anyway…it is always easier to archair quarterback these kinds of things. I certainly wasn’t the guy sitting across from the CEO of Microsoft, lol.

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    Brad, I totally agree. I think I would have come in with a written list, but I’ve been known to be a manic preparer ; )

    Todd- So considering that the audience for Channel 9 is mostly developers, I’d think about the types of questions that they would want to ask. There might be some questions about out plans for certain types of technology. I also think that asking people about "breakthroughs" is pretty telling. So I would maybe ask him about the last time an individual contributor at Micrsoft came to the table with something that had a major impact on a product we shipped or a product we are shipping. What product he knows is great that the market doesn’t understand yet…where our technology preceeds the market’s understanding of the need for the product (for example, I think many knowledge workers would be surprised if they knew more about sharepoint and how to use it, or Infopath…that’s just my take). Another thing I think people like to see is the human side. So I might ask more about how he balances his obviously busy work schedule with his life…what he does for fun, etc. How about this one: "You and Bill have different roles at Microsoft. What is it that makes you the right person to lead the business and Bill the right person to lead the technology strategy?" I don’t think people understand the difference between what they run and why it makes sense. Those are just some of the things I might ask…but I suspect that I would noodle on it for a couple hours if I was able to get in front of Steve. But like I said, I’ve been known to think about stuff too much.

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