Rock and Roll Reality

Anyone else watching Rockstar: INXS? I can't help myself, but you already knew I was a reality TV junkie, right? I can't even remotely justify a relationship between this show and work so no recaps forthcoming. Though I can't resist a few comments here and there. I watched the premiere last night and it  looks like it is going to be good. I have a few favorites already. Plus I have to admit that I love me some Dave Navarro (especially his work with Jane's Addiction) and I also loved Michael Hutchens and INXS back in the day (I miss sad). And seeing the guys in the band now makes me feel kind of old, but I haven't been living the rock and roll lifestyle (looks like it was fun though) so I may look a teeny bit younger (whee!).

I'm making some guesses as to who else might be leaving the show soon. I agree with the selection last night...Dana kind of scared me (the faces, the yelping). Anyway, MSN has a site up for the show.

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  1. HeatherLeigh says:

    oh, and just in case you need proof that recruiter’s rock, check out Brandon’s job title:

  2. Tim says:


    Repent! I gave up TV and you can do it, too…

    Though, I will tell you the downside is spending all your time building Thomas the Tank Engine railways (and investing heavily into them).

    Maybe I should plug in again?

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    Tim-I don’t have kids so I’m pretty sure if I did that, it wuld make me "the scary lady that builds railways".

    I’m a reality TV junkie (I tivo all of it) but I have to say I am liking this particular show more than others (I don’t like American Idol). It’s definitely worth taking a little look.

  4. Tim says:

    Okay, but if I get hooked on TV again, you’ll have a 5 year-old on the warpath.

    Now I just have to find out how to work those rabbit ears….

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    Tim, they are right next to the crank on the side of your TV.

    Five year old on a warpath could be serious. I envision sticky jelly fingers and noogies (not sure how to spell that).

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