Still doubting that blogs get people hired?

Then check out what Ernie has to say here. I met Ernie through his blog and he met Jeff via Jeff's blog. And now Ernie works here. How cool is that?

Also, Ernie walks you through is interview day experience (mad props to the interview team, especially my buddy Eric Sandberg!)

Comments (7)

  1. Scott Wisneiwski says:

    Actually, the same thing happened to me.

    However, I don’t start untill August.

  2. Dennis says:

    This is waaay cool. Even tho it’s like preachin’ to the choir for many of us, these examples bring substance to what many of us are telling our leaders.

    Unfortunately, I’ve had to turn under-ground (albeit, not in a dark-blog fashion) with my blog as the editorial content cannot withstand the scrutiny of 43 some-odd revisions.

    Although understanding their point, it’s very unfortunate that not all corporations respond in the manner of Microsoft. Nevertheless, my nameless/corporationless blog will continue as well as my conviction that this works.

    Thanks for helping pave the way –

  3. Very intriguing. I recently mentioned on a career practitioners listserv that blogs are a potential tool in job search and career exploration, and they essentially laughed or ignored. One claimed blogs are a fad that won’t last. Ernie’s story demonstrates how blogs can be used successfully in a job search.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Scott-good for you!

    Dennis-I know who you were and I know who you are. ; )

    Glenda-some people need to be beaten over the head with results before they consider something will work. I think it has somehting to do with the time investment in innovation and risk taking. Hopefully someday they will know they should have listened.

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