Moving offices again…yes, again!

OK, don't laugh. I actually asked for it this time. For those of you that asked if we move offices as often as you've is your answer. Oh yeah, and here. I asked to be moved because my library office has been about as quiet as an amusement park. It's a great space, physically, except that it's next to the loading door for the building...the very loud loading door. So all day, deliveries go in and out and people stand outside my office and talk on their cell phones. So I'm packing up my act and moving to the newly constructed office space on the other side of the building. Ah, I love the smell of new construction. I think this is office number eight or nine...I forget. Some people stay in their office for years, but not me...I'm on the move ; )

Comments (2)

  1. So much for leaning out your door and playing mean librarian eh Heather?

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    You know I really still want to play mean librarian…shhhhhh! Maybe now I can be hall monitor.

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