Podcast coming…topic: recruitment blogging

OMG....is it possible that recruitment blogging is actually a thing...or even a thang? Uh huh, sure is. Well, I've produced my first solo podcast that will be ready for posting on Monday. A little background...

First, I told you I was thinking about podcasting. I thought about it a lot. Talked to some people about it too.

Then, Rob May, from BusinessPundit contacted me to see if I would participate in a little experiment called BusinessBlogCasting. Holy cow, I just looked at his bio and realized that I was doing long division when he was born. Dang. Anyway, Rob asked me to be the HR blogger. I agreed and realized that now I really had to get this podcasting thing figured out.

I experimented. It was ugly. My own voice, to me, sounds like someone singing off key, through their nose. I'd start to record my intro and realize my name isn't Hamil Heatherton. Stop, cancel, record. Little trouble pronouncing the word pundit. Stop, cancel, record. Sheesh, I sound flat and boring. Stop, cancel, get a clue...leave for the weekend, record. Get about a twenty minutes in...fire alarm. Stop, cancel, go to designated area in the parking lot, speculate with co-workers about who set the alarm off, look at the pretty fire trucks. Anyway, finally got it recorded and realized that I talked for forty minutes. I agreed to hold off on posting the podcast until Rob gets some stuff with the site worked out. But anyway, it's coming. And I promise to quit being so picky and just record the darn things.

For this particular podcast, I walked through the info that I present when I speak at recruiting events on blogging ("Blogging for Talent"). My last speaking engagement, I spoke about strategic sourcing and community building and still it was clear that people really wanted to talk about blogging. And I'm getting e-mails and requests from people to chat about how I started the blog, why, what I use it for, etcetera. So I thought that instead of sharing the same info over and over, I'd do the podcast thing. And people can listen to it at their leisure...meaning at home on their MP3 player with a beer in their hand (oops, that might just be me).

I also have a number of interview subjects lined up. I'd intended to interview them but wanted to wait to do it over podcast instead of just blogging it because, honestly, some of these people are so interesting, I wanted you to hear them talk about what they do (and I'm not just saying that...I was getting all geeky over marketing...you'll see). So those will be coming as well. I'm open to recommendations too! This is new for me.

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  1. Eusebio C. Rufian-Zilbermann says:

    I also edit recordings of my own voice and something that helps me like it better is Sound Forge’s filters and effects. After running my recordings through the de-esser and de-plossives filter and then through wavehammer it becomes more "listenable". The first time it may take half an hour experimenting with different combinations of adjustments but afterwards it only takes a few minutes and you’re done. You may want to give it a try ,:)

  2. Nathan says:

    Waaay back in my radio days, I learned that the best way to get used to hearing your own voice was to hear a lot of it. You’ll get better at the delivery, but mostly you’ll get used to how you sound. The strange part is the realization that your recorded voice *does* sound like your voice to everyone but you. Besides, I don’t remember any voice problems when you were on Landed.fm.

  3. Nicole Simon says:

    Heather, everybody is going through that voice thing. :))

    Absolutly looking forward to them!

  4. Heather,

    Great to hear that you’re getting into the podcasting game. We are as well. We’re in the process of recording hundreds of the employment-related articles on our site so that candidates (and perhaps a few curious employers and career service office professionals) will be able to download articles of interest to them (i.e., networking, writing thank you notes after interviews, etc.) and listen to them as they’re walking around campus or killing time between classes. What excites me about podcasting is that it will allow users to access content at a time and in a place which is convenient to them. Also, should they like the content, I think that they’ll be more likely to share it with their friends and that makes it a great viral marketing play.

    Steven Rothberg

    President and Founder

    CollegeRecruiter.com job board

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    Steven-that’s smart. You have the ideal target audience for that! Let us know what kind of response you get!

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