Top Ten Reasons to Blog, According to Sun’s Tim Bray

Here. "Uh, why is the mainstream press so incredibly interested in this people-fired-for-blogging story?...If I were cynical and paranoid, I’d suspect that the media running these stories were frightened of something."

Yeah, so they are making it scary. It's still not as scary as Tom Cruise. I'm just saw the same thing I did and you thought it was scary too.

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  1. david parmet says:

    Interesting that the media never runs stories about people getting HIRED because of blogging…..

  2. The media attacks anything that goes against their agenda. Power corrupts and total power (up until now) corrupts totally. It has been a very interesting last decade. This same has been happening to all the "established" business sectors… first the TV networks, proceeded by the phone companies and now print media. The world is a chang’n. We just have to be adaptable so the changes do not take us out of the game.

    No this tom and Katie thing is becoming very sad. She is now sucked into the Scientology and surrounding herself with them. I see a very had train wreck in the works.

  3. And don’t forget the best reason – to ENJOY it!

  4. Jason Haley says:

    Interesting finds this morning

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