Fun to play

Even though the Burger King character freaks me out (big plastic head + slight human hands = freaky).

Does it make me want to eat at Bruger King? No.

Is it getting their brand in front of bazillions of people? Yes.

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  1. Nicole Simon says:

    It’s better than the original – must be the extra jedi power 😉

  2. Nick says:

    Ultimately, this is what their goal was, I think: name recognition/brand awareness.

    Lots of brands develop themselves by using icons of this sort; ones who’s secondary effect is to bring people into the store (that’s why they also feature new breakfast sandwiches or whatever.)

    A good example is also Arby’s or McDonalds’ Ronald. These icons put a "face" (albeit sometimes freaky) on the company and makes it seem more human, more ‘homey’ and down to earth.

    Oh yea, and then there’s Jack from J.I.B… People actually paid to put his head on their car antenna.

  3. Devin Reams says:

    You know, Heather? I’ve always wondered why they used the plastic head. Why not give a human face to the character? Any idea as to why they went with the creepo character?

    ..oh, and clearly the viral game is working. 😉

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Nicole-maybe it’s powered by those 1200 calorie breakfast sandwiches they have.

    Nick- yeah, Ronald McDonald…also creepy. Any clown really. Arby’s is just a hat, right?

    Devin-I know…or at least plastic hands to go with the plastic head. There are issues with materials and scale. I wonder if kids find it scary.

  5. Anne Merkert says:

    Ok, so we didn’t buy the rights to Star Wars and we’re more technical than BK, but the movie theme microsite as advertising trick is exploding – check ours out at

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