The Apprentice…it went out with a whimper

Well, this certainly isn't going to be much of a recap because the finale want much of a show. On the positive side, we were spared uncomfortable interviews by Regis (sorry, not a fan) with people that are afraid to have cameras pointing at them.  On the negative side....well, where do I start?

1) We didn't really get any new info, other than the fact that Tana came up with the round shape of the Pontiac brochure (big deal!).

2) We had to listen to Erin talk again. How can she be a lawyer? Her grammar is atrocious!

3) Trump got totally confused (between Erin and Kristen) and when Kristen tried to correct him he got real snippy. Nice manners! I'm considering moving this item to the positive category, now that I think about it. Sometimes it's so bad it's good (I mean, have you even SEEN the Surreal Life?)

4) Bill Rancic and Kelly Perdew have never appeared more stiff and highly gelled. If one of them had to move, they may have cracked.

5) Poor camera work that caught the backs of peoples heads, Danny bolting across the stage, Kendra looking confused as she was given instructions to go view her new $20,000 car. I mean seriously, when things went wrong, they were sure to catch it up close

6) Was this thing half commercials or was it just me? And taking the first 15 minutes to recap the season? Quit it Trump, that's my job.

7) Trump kept bringing up Kendra crying. OK, yeah, yeah we get it...Kendra = young, smart and emotional. Tana = nutty, unprofessional and high-energy. It's almost like you could refer to Kendra as the book smarts person and Tana as the street smarts person. Maybe they should have considered that as a theme for this season.

Let's see if I can pull some positive things together here:

1) Carolyn has a personality and I think it's probably a nice one. Ditto with George.

2) One of the choices was to run the Miss Universe Pageant. No offense but I would not consider that a reward at all. Gee, you could relive the high school trauma of having the pretty girls be mean to you in how many different languages? You could learn how to think of gum as dinner. I'd pass...but Tana wouldn't! She wanted that gig...because she could sell them all some Mary Kay. Whee! Anyway, the spectacle of it was amusing.

3) No audience interviews, No Regis. No musical numbers.

4) Kendra won. And Trump in all his interviews pretended that he hadn't decided on the winner until they were on TV. Lame attempt to appear edgy but I don't buy it. At this point, though, those little stunts are a laughable annoyance. So points for the humor and the consistency.

5) No music by Danny

6) I didn't have to watch it twice to recap it.

That's it kids. No more until Martha in the Fall. Looks like Chris is going to recap the Trump episodes in the future. Good luck Chris! And now to end the season, let's share our favorite quotes! I'll start.

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  1. HeatherLeigh says:

    OK, favorite quote number one…from Audrey:

    "Your a$$ doesn’t know the difference"

  2. OK I was a total flop on the game!! The last 6-8 episodes I just guessed to most of the questions.

    I am making the trophy this weekend so I will get a photo out. I also need an address for Devin Reams so that we can get the trophy to the winner.

    I am hoping and praying that the next season will get better. Cannot get worse… well it can but lets hope not. I AM excited about recapping and hope I do as well of a job as Heather.

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    Devin-feel free to send your address to me and I’ll get it to Chris. Also, I’ll offer you one piece of software from our company store (based on availability), so let me know what interests you!

  4. Ethan says:

    My favorite quote came from my wife and I last night: "Glad that’s over."

    This finale (let alone season) was a spectacular flop. Then again, like any new show, there’s the natural progression of 5 nights a week, 3 nights a week, 2 nights a week, once a week, moved to Bravo.

    Good catch about why Tana was so jazzed about working the pageant. I was all, what, jabbing hot pokers in your eyes wasn’t an option? As if this wasn’t already a foregone conclusion (I mean, ca MON), I think that was just another "test of character". You’d rather work a beauty pageant (sideline) instead of refurb a mansion (core)? Flush.

    (One more thing: When your job interview ends up like an episode of Rikki Lake, you’re doomed. "I did that! I did that! Woof! Woof!")

  5. Steven R says:

    My favorite quote had to be when Chris said he wasn’t violent and then threatened to beat the poor best buy employee with a bat if he didn’t get the credit card back. Yikes!

    Heather, ever think that maybe one of the Apprentice contestants may one day be on the Surreal Life?

    My girlfriend and I ended up watching the season finale of CSI directed by Tarentino instead of the Apprentice finale so by the looks of Heather’s recap we didn’t miss a thing.

    Congrats Devin on winning the fantasy game. My poor finish explains why I am not in recruiting.

  6. Ethan says:

    Omarosa will be on the next season of "Surreal Life". I’m ashamed to be the bearer of this information.

  7. gfish says:

    The only part I watched was when Tana getting so excited about creating "The Shape". In the end it did not matter, but Kendra could have dismissed the importance of the shape by saying, "So if it was up to you Tana, Pontiac would have been handed a cicrle, I gave them a marketing concept!" Tana’s shape spasm was all I could take.

  8. JD says:

    I think I have fallen in love with Carolyn! She is cute, smart, adorable and has a great smile! Someone, get me her number please. 😉

    And that ‘shape’ shouting by Tana was so stupid that it’s un belivable. Doesn’t she know that ideas are plentiful but you gotta freaking execute them (which is MUCH harder)?


  9. Brad says:

    Favorite quote, "You’re hired." That was my signal that the horrible finale was finally over.

    I’m going to strike out and admit that I actually thought the season was a good one. What can I say? I liked it. The finale I did not. I cringed for the Donald.

    What was with the cheesy boardroom slash courtroom set? What was with all the bad camera work? What was with the blatant Trump advertising that seemed to take up half the episode.

    I agree with you, Heather, I think Carolyn and George definitely have personalities. I knew George had a little feist in him when he jokingly asked Carolyn if she wanted to fight at the EA event.

    Anyway, will I watch it next season? Of course. And so will all of you 😉

  10. lukaszg says:

    I’m not so sure about watching the next season after watching the finale yesterday. 57 minutes of commercials/product placement/useless blah blah… oops, running out of time, ok, Kendra, you win… now quickly get out of the stage so Trump can plug even more ridiculous stuff on TV. The end. Even Kendra driving off in her new car was about the car, not her. I guess the whole season had a barely acceptable ratio of in-show advertising to actual content, but they just went way too far at the end. I’m just glad I had the fast forward button. I’m so disgusted.

    Great job Devin, congrats.

  11. HeatherLeigh says:

    Ethan-the woof woof thing was over the top. In what culture is that OK? If I ever did that around anyone I worked with, there would surely be a closed door feedback session to follow ; ) Not that I ever would. Never have. Now I have to admit that I am excited about Omarosa on the Surreal LIfe. I hear that she and Janice Dickenson really let each other have it. And since neither of them have a particularly soft and likeable side, it will be loads of fun to watch!

    Steve-good one. Also good viewing choices…you missed nothing. And by the way, having a recruiting background didn’t help me at all with the contest.

    gfish-that’s right…a big blank circle.

    JD-I’m starting to worry about you dude. We can get you her number but I hear that if the husband or kids pick up the phone, they don’t take good messages.

    Brad-let’s look at the bright side…there’s a break between seasons!

    Lukaszg-I totally agree. I *think* (hope) that Martha thinks too highly of herself to do the same routing that Trump did with his sponsors. A hundred metaphors come to mind…none that I can publish here. I keep thinking about that clip of Martha talking about how much she missed lemons in prison. Every time I hope that she’ll be nicer for the show, I think that it may make bad TV. Can’t imagine what her trademark phrase will be: "you are not a good thing" or maybe "you’re indicted".

  12. Andrew Poe says:

    I was hoping we would hear from the other candidates so they can share the burden of the embarrassment but Tana easily took care of that. I wanted to see Danny seeming inability to talk without bursting into song. Bren probably telling what he really thinks of Trump. Michael hawking his chocolate and talking about European women with Trump responding, "You can’t have mine." But noooo…..

    Odds are that Tana is/was a ticking time bomb and Trump/Burnett didn’t really want a public meltdown on their last show. It would have been great ‘trainwreck TV’ if the show was 3 hours long like last season. Who knows what would have happen.

  13. Devin says:

    Hey, didn’t do too bad on the league…

  14. Devin says:

    Is it just me or did it seem ever so slightly unprofessional of Tana to start boasting about the round design? As if that would change her horrible behavior.. in fact, it just highlighted it more.

    ..and I love how Chris talked about his real estate dealings in Vegas. Did anyone else see a few months ago when he got arrested down there? Haha… temper temper, Chris.

  15. HeatherLeigh says:

    ANdrew-I think that many of the candidates didn’t know to be embarassed…that was the problem with having so many volatile personalities on the show. I definitely agree that the potential for disaster with Tana on the finale was high. But how they let her even get that far, I’ll never understand.

    Devin-the winner of our Apprentice Game! You are right, Tana miscalculated the value of her suggestion on the round brochure. What shold have been a contribution to a team challenge was something she highlighted bc it’s all she contributed since she slept through most of it. Good of Kendra to take the ghigh road. I wouldn’t have been able to!

    As far as Chris in Vegas, I didn’t realize that getting arrested at the Hard Rock was considered a "real estate project"…maybe the tour of the local jail was ; )

  16. daryllmc says:

    I wasn’t going to watch the Martha version until you just confirmed that you’d be blogging it. I’ll be there now! 🙂

  17. richard says:

    I still think that it was a choice between two bad choices, as it has been in each of the earlier shows. Tana is annoying, and Kendra is a jerk; I suppose either would work well with Trump though, considering how he seems to work.

    This finale show is a good argument in favour of digital video recorders, as I was able to skim over the first 15-20 minutes of recap. I’ve been skimming over the first 20 minutes of each episode since about half-way through the series; the recap has gotten longer and longer each episode.

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