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OK, I generally hate product blogs, but this is more of a viral website for Heinz Beans...the British brand. I think it's darn funny. But I guess I want to know why the bean in the out-takes has an American accent. Are we perceived as being more, um, gassy?

Via Matt Foster at Citizen Spin (he blogrolls me right under the beans...that's awesome)

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  1. Mark Tookey says:

    Not sure about why the bean has an American accent, but let me tell you, nothing beats Heinz Baked Beans. I was never so excited as when the local Kroger here in Dallas started carrying them at a decent price, so we no longer had to go to the specialist "British provisions store" and pay through the nose.

    Beans on toast, that’s the way to go for the perfect snack…


  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Mark…you had me til the toast thing…that’s just gross. However, I will admit that I have a hard time barbecuing anything without making a big pot of baked beans, but I put lots of stuff in them…none of which is toast ; )

    So I have to ask how you feel about potted meat. When I was in London I had fun looking at all the different products that I would never be brave enough to eat.

  3. Mark Tookey says:

    No, no, no, it has to be on toast!! You need to ask Anna Lisa for an impartial American opinion on the delights of beans on toast (now it does have to be admitted, that it only works with Heinz beans, which are not sweet like most US baked beans). Next time you are in Dallas…

    As for potted meat, well what isn’t there to like? It goes great on toast too!! You just have to ignore the fact you are eating something that the cat will fight you for…



  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Mark-I’m gagging!

  5. lol says:

    arg, just wrong

  6. sunny says:

    …and what do you think about Mr. Bean

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