Because when you are too lazy to read the blogs…

it's fun to have CNN recite them to you. Yes, the traditional media has inserted themselves in the blog equation. It used to be that you could just go online and read blogs, maybe use an aggregator. Now, you don't even have to log on. Because a talking head will read it for you...unless your service is unavailable.

Anyway, here's a funny spot from the Daily Show. Ahhh, I dream of John Stewart saying my name out loud someday, but I'd settle for Rob Corddry.

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  1. Yeah, well, the mainstream always muscles into the grassroots… look at rap!

  2. mike w says:

    Saying your name would be better than Skippy the Bush Kangaroo! nice link Heather! 🙂

  3. HeatherLeigh says:

    Montreal, I bet all the rap stars don’t mind making the money though. It’s just funny to watch cable news try to insert themselves into the blogosphere. At least with rap, the ones doing the work are the ones getting paid (OK, their managers and etc as well, but still the artist gets paid). Not to say that blogging is an art…it’s not. But with cable news, it’s like blatant ripping off of content under the guise of *covering* it. Seriously, the wonder why people go to Comedy Central to get their news? Because when someone t5here is yanking your chain, you expect it. But CNN?

    Mike—definitely have to think about changing my blog name anyway. Many have said the blog title is boring. Nothing with Kangaroos though…definitely not!

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Value chain…that’s the issue. The news media are inserting themselves in the delivery channel without adding value. That would be different from rap, I think.

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