Apprentice 3 Finale Tonight!…or next Thursday (edit)

OK, so just to get ready for the finale next Thursday (edit...thought it was tonight...why must they tease me?):

Kendra's website (funky)

Tana's website (beware, it has sound...really....silly...sound)

I'm not sure if I'm excited about it because I want to see who wins or because I am just relieved it's over. Anyway, it's no mystery that I want Kendra to win. So, let me just say this: if Kendra wins, I'll recap another season. If Tana wins, I'm out. I don't think I can go through another season like this one.

And just for fun, start thinking about the most ridiculous thing you saw or heard this season. I think the potential for ridiculousness tonight is very high. But given what we have all gone through to get to this point, don't we deserve to vent? So save it for next week and we can all compare our top picks for most ridiculous whatever.

(Must have been wishful thinking...hoping last night was the finale...unfortunatley, one more episode of suffering under out belt. Anyway, edited this post)

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  1. ApprenticeFan says:

    FYI: Today is not the last episode. Next week is where the Apprentice is crowned.

  2. JD says:

    Next season or not, Donalt made sure that you write about one more bored room saga! 😉


  3. Kim says:

    Warning: To spare yourself from web-cheese circa 1998, turn your speakers off before visiting Tana’s site.

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Ack! Must have been wishful thinking. I can’t believe that they decided to drag this horrible task out for 1.5 episodes. Can’t wait ’til it’s over!

  5. Tod says:

    Oh boy, Tana’s site is bad…I mean really bad. Whoever designed that for her has no idea what they’re doing.

    Kendra’s isn’t so bad.

    I was also irritated that they split up the finale this way. Kind of like the "cliff hangers" of the fifties and sixties I suppose. <shrug>

  6. Turker says:

    I was hoping it was the finale just like you. I wanted it end so bad:) It is not even because of the task. I guess they couldn’t arrange the guests for the LIVE event timely! May be Regis didn’t have the time this year:))

  7. HeatherLeigh says:

    Yeah-that’s another thing. Was it just me or was last year’s finale the most painful thing to watch on live TV ever? Regis was stiff and uncomfortable, the content was mundane and some of the people they interviewed in the audience were so nervousd they couldn’t speak or they just repeated the same thing that someone else had already said. I’m not a fan of Regis at all and the whole thing was about as enjoyable as a trip to the dentist…a really annoying dentist. Can we hope for better this year? Or as Tana would put it can we "guess for better"?

  8. Turker says:

    I think it will not be Regis this time. He was definitely not comfortable taking orders from Trump. Trump was like "Regis go ask this that", "Regis come here", etc…:)

    I can’t guess for better, I think it will be as worse if not the worst. It can never be good if you try to stretch something that can be done in 15 minutes into probably 2 hours:)

  9. Tod says:

    Last year’s finale was harsh! I almost didn’t even watch this season because of it.


  10. mike w says:

    Cliff hangers are one thing, but I think I recall seeing that Trump wasn’t impressed with the live finale last season and said he wasn’t going to do it this time. Though getting Trump to direct Regis to say "You’re Fired!" to Tana would be good. 🙂

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