What did you do on your summer vacation…

...when you were 9 years old? Not this, I bet.

Arfa Karim to the rest of the world: you are officially behind the curve.

Go girl!

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  1. Rami A. says:

    I read this earlier today as well.

    Even though she might be a very special case, it does indicate the level of commitment to education that other countries might have. Education reform is the rage now adays on both the state and federal levels.

    See also Bill Gates’ speech on this topic a couple of months ago:


  2. Pradeep says:

    "Parho aur Agay Barho" was the MKR Foundation’s drive – meaning "Study and Get successful in life". reminds me of the cut-throat, highly competitive and education focused environment in india.

    Having lived there and stayed in 4 diff countries for long periods of time – I think it does come at a cost…. like all great achievements do.

    I wont be surprised if this is a trend though 🙂

  3. Brad Taylor says:

    My wife recently spent 10 days in Pakistan as an official state guest. She was given an opportunity to speak briefly with President Musharraf and he specifically indentified education as his best weapon to bring about cultural and social change.

    I’d bet that all over the third world, other children are preparing to become the next Arfa Karim in their chosen fields of study. MS’s tagline ‘Where do you want to go today?’ has resonance with these children who view education as a lever to improve their lives.


  4. Gautam says:

    Arfa and kids like this:


    sure give me a complex

    we should get them to blog…I wonder what they would write about?

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    I think it’s exciting when these kids do something like this because they are interested and excited and see opportunity to kive a better life than their parents did.

    As far as the costs, I hope that these are just very mature children (which I think they must given how advanced they are). Hopefully it’s a healthy competitive spirit. I think that can go wrong in any society (look at young US children coming home with hours and hours of homework). I guess the globalization of the economy does indeed level the playing field and up the comeptition. Will be intertesting to see how young people like Arfa fare in their careers!

  6. Wow…this is just incredible.  Story about a 9 year-old girl from Pakistan just earned her MCP–the…

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