Slow blogging week…what gives?

Not for lack of topics, I'm behind on blogging....making a bad impression with those Fast Company readers.  Lots of meetings the last few reviews, training, softball practice. And the weather has been amazing and I rarely blog outside of work. I have some blog topics in mind and will be back at it later this week.

I'm making faces trying to think of something witty to write and the person sitting next to me is laughing at a good way ; )

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  1. Nathan says:

    This is what has kept me on the fence about starting my own blog. I’ve seen friends who started and then gradually stopped posting. If I ever convince myself that I’ll keep it going, I might actually do one.

    BTW, if I do, which blog site should I use?

  2. Pradeep says:

    Nathan: If you download the new Beta Version of the MSN Messenger – you can use MSN Spaces (A tab on MSN messenger) to share your blogs, music, pictures and other stuff and monitor it while IM-ing !!!

    Havent joined the firm yet – but the promoting has already started 😉

  3. So does the softball team finally have a name?

  4. mobile jones says:

    Heather why not add your comments to the whole Scoble v. Balmer bruhaha from this weekend. From a recruiter’s point of view, how do you think these type of public disagreements reflect on the company, on working at the company, on blogging while employed, etc.

    If Microsoft is neutral on whether gay and lesbian employees can be discriminated against in housing, how would the company help them if such a thing were to occur? Will this effect your ability to recruit for diversity at MS?

    I do know of those who have been denied an apartment lease, because they were assumed to be gay. Of course, it happened in Texas not Washington State, but the question is reasonable.

    There’s tons of meat in this conversation from a recruiter’s point of view. What do you think?

    In addition, what do you think of the MS employees who choose to blog while anonymous? These blogs tend to be highly critical and perhaps there is a reason to fear reprisal for being too publicly critical of one’s employer.

    Anyway, hope this helps you find something you want to express.

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    Apoorva, we may decide today. I’ll let you know ; )

    Mobile Jones-it’s really because I don’t have anything I want to add on the topic that hasn’t already been said by someone else. I’m not in the mood to stir up controversy or add to it. There are a lot of MS related topics that I don’t want to blog about because I don’t really have anything more to add and I don’t want to focus on it.

    And I really don’t think that it has anything to do with recruiting. This is the most open and accepting work environment I have ever experienced. I guess I don’t have anything else to say on the topic. But trust me, I do have strong personal opinions about all things political and social. This just isn’t the right platform for me to express those opinions.

  6. D-Wang says:

    I know what you mean about getting behind in blogging. I have always thought that since blogging is like commentary… why not marry the speech to text technologies? Heck, you’ll be able to "talk and it types" (to borrow from an old IBM commercial). Thus saving the time of typing and allowing you to read the responses / edit before you post. Ingenious? 😉

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