Smart but Mouthy

Well I guess my name is in Fast Company Magazine (May, p. 28). They contacted me for my title a while back but I didn't really know what the mention was going to be. Now I blog is one of three blogs mentioned, written by women..."three smart women who sound off". I'm sure it's a little blurb not an article, but it's still cool. I haven't seen it yet...a co-worker, Raquel, gave me that quote. That's actually funny. They could have written that when I was five..."she's so smart but so mouthy!" (sound about right, Mom?). Ahhh, all those years of Grandpa calling me motormouth must have done something to me! Because it really never wore off. It may have even gotten worse!

Look out, I may sound off at any moment ; )


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  1. Now you really deserve the title "Blog Diva". Congrats and we don’t think you have a Trump obsession like the blurb mentioned.

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    Oh no…now I am scared of the blurb!

  3. Scott says:

    hehehe, well look at the time and content you put into your "Apprentice" recaps vs. how much you write about "Marketing and Finance at Microsoft". Where are you passions? 😉

  4. HeatherLeigh says:

    Trust me Scott, it’s not about my "passions". Purely just about finishing what I started. I sincerely thought that the show would be relevant to the interviewing/hiring process. But there’s so much ridiculousness (is that a word?)there, it’s hard to get to the valuable part so I just decided to have fun with it. Anyway, when I mentioned that I might stop recapping, people asked me to keep doing it. I’ll think twice before committing myself to such a thing in the future. And to the person that asked me if I would be recapping the new Britney Spears reality show…um, no.

  5. Mark Tookey says:

    Are you sure you don’t want to do the Britney Spears show? I mean, just think how grouchy that would make you as you try to make sense of it all… The recaps would keep us all entertained for years to come…


  6. Marty says:

    According to Websters "ridiculousness" is a word.

    Even the words "interiorly" and "exteriorly" as uttered by our favorite most recently fired Apprentice are words. Although I think he used them as adjectives instead of adverbs.

    Congrats on the "blurb" in Fast Company.

  7. HeatherLeigh says:

    Mark-quite positive. And just in case you are going to ask…no interest in Paris Hilton either.

    Now the Surreal Life is something someone can blog about…but way too far off topic for me. I really was trying to make the Apprentice posts about hiring. I tried ; )

  8. I saw Maureen Dowd last night on the Travis Smiley show. She complained a bit about being a woman in field dominated by men. She noted that bloggers are primarily men. And, I just realized from your posting that this can be an advantage in that it helps women who do participate in male dominated fields to be stand outs in a positive way.

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