Apprentice (quote) finalist (unquote) Chris arrested

So expected it's almost mundane, huh? Frankly, with his mouth, I'm surprised he doesn't get "popped" regularly (I'm not condoning it...just saying). Link here.

(Thanks to Tracy for the link!)

edit: quotation marks don't work in post title

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  1. Turker says:

    What a fine casting by the Apprentice people:-). So, does this mean that we now know that he will be gone sooner or later? I mean everyone was guessing that but it is for sure now. This oe steals away one week of boredroom excitement:)

  2. What an embarrassment to the Chris’ of the world!

    I want to know how the hell he got on the show. Only makes me think that this season was done to fill spots based on personality types and not for the best contestants. Only on TV I guess.

  3. Tod says:

    And like everything else on the internet, this is absolutely true…right? 😉

  4. daryllmc says:

    loser. unreal.

  5. HeatherLeigh says:

    Hmm, Tod, are you a friend of Chris or something? ; )

    I’m sure I don’t have to remind everyone that not everything they read is true. And since I have a job, I’m not going to *prove* everything I point to. Everyone can review and judge for themselves. Just like they do with ANY media.

  6. TracyBN says:

    Even "The most trusted name in news" has a brief story:

  7. Christian says:

    hey, just got some insider info that Tana will be in the final 2.

  8. Troy L. Tate says:

    It’s not surprising about Chris. There were a bunch of red flags going off about his emotional stability almost every time he was in the boardroom.

    Tana looks like she’ll be the one with Kendra a close second. Those are the two most deserving at this point and I think Trump recognizes it.

    They both have the determination, marketing savvy and confidence to pull it off.

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