Weird weather week AKA springtime in Seattle

Usually, weather as a topic is so mundane it doesn't bear mention. But this week has been odd. When days prior, we had been questioning our good fortune and developing our mental checklist for coping with a drought (rain catcher...check. drought resistant plants...check. newscasters making way too big a deal of the lack of rain...check!), last weekend was spent indoors watching the tube and readjusting to the reality we call living in Seattle in springtime. I made the mistake of buying more plants than I had time to install and my hostas...still in their temporary plastic pots...are starting to take on the cast of lettuce sitting in a too cold refrigerator...kind of translucent and a little gummy. All I need is one more day of decent weather and some daylight to get my little green friends into their happy little planting beds. No such luck this week.

Chilly and rainy (AKA spring in Seattle...come on now, we all knew it when we moved here) turned bizarre about Wednesday. The skies vacillated between brooding clouds and sparkling sunlight. Then all hell broke loose not once but twice as hail pellets fell from the sky and our parking lot turned into a stream of little white dots. And I am so over worrying about what that stuff does to my paint on my car. Now my obsession has moved on to whether I remembered to close the garage door this morning (it's textbook, no diagnosis needed). So over the shiny car.

My electricity went out last night for a while. This morning was all bright and sunshiny happiness was like being on Teletubbies and I would not have been surprised if a sweet little bunny and a funny headed felt ball with a purse greeted me (I pretty much felt like the latter by the time I left the house this morning). But of course, that couldn't last too long. It got all blustery and weird again today. The kind of sky where, if I was in Chicago, I'd be high-tailing it to the basement with a flashlight, a radio, a drink and a magazine (the excitement!).  So a little wind and hail and we all start freaking out a little included.

Comments (2)

  1. Sean says:

    Love the midwest reference. Brings back "fond" memories of spending nights in a church basement, and the tornado drills in school lining the walls with other kiddos, doing what seems like a wierd version of the child pose–like putting our hands over our head would really help if concrete started falling. . .

  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    yeah-that pose just turns you into a nice compact little projectile if you get sucked off the earth in a tornado too ; )

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