MSN search uncovers the “real” me

OK, so it's just a spoof. But it could be true. You know, if I didn't have any self-esteem.

If you feel the need to mock yourself, have at it. Good clean fun for everyone.

Comments (2)

  1. With something like this listed:

    "All Work and No Play Dept: Heather Hamilton abandoned at altar for taking cell phone conference call during wedding ceremony

    "But it was business!" Hamilton pleaded as her former fiance stormed back down the aisle. "It’s still Friday morning in Japan — I would have put them on hold to say I do!"

    it better be spooof!!!!

    Oh… do I hear Microsoft HR crowd say – "Its Possible!!"


  2. HeatherLeigh says:

    So not possible! I’ve never been near an aisle, I swear. I get hives getting close to aisles…I even avoid them at the store and the movies! ; )

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