Help me think of a softball team name

In June, we are playing MSN's HR team in softball and some of us were trying to think of funny team names. MSN can be something like "the search engines", but since our HR and Staffing team covers so many different corporate functions (ops, HR. finance, marketing, legal), we need to come up with something that is more general. Some of the names we came up with:

The Talent Warriors

The Strikes

Human Capitals

Personnel (only funny because it's such a 70s term)

HR (Home Run) Hitters

The A Playas

I Want a Pony (I don't know why that seems so funny to me, but it's probably just me)

I have some other names here but none of them are funny enough. Can someone help us out? Gotta keep in clean and funny. Let's hear some recommendations...


PS: I'll let you all know what we go with and I'll take pictures at the game too

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  1. Shri says:

    How about…

    * Head hunters

    * Talent Warriors – the valiant terriers


  2. Russ Moon says:

    Resume Rigor

    Resume Rigorous

    The Talent Merchants

    Partners in Crime

    Divas,Achievas and Believas

  3. Andy says:

    "Heather’s Hotties"

    Heh now there is a PC name for you. I can’t wait to see the pictures.

  4. Scott says:


    The Generics

    Want your paycheck?

    The performance review reviewers

    They who should not be named

    I’m here all week, try the fish. ba-da dum

  5. The Spandex Eleven ??

    Market Mayhem

    Hamil’s Brigade 🙂

  6. Ando says:

    How about "The People People"

  7. "The Strikes" is not a good name for an HR group’s softball team. I would also stay away from "The Layoffs"….

  8. How about The Catberts?!! 🙂

    I cannot think of any more. Enjoy the game.

  9. Philip Rieck says:

    You have to keep it clean, so my favorite "The Master Batters" is out.

    Only funny to HR type people would be "Fired Up"

    Again only funny to the "personnel" department would be "resume play" (but would be funner written than pronounced either way)

  10. Andy says:

    How about:

    "Homerun Resources"

  11. Pacrand says:

    Canadians with an agenda!

    (No, I don’t get it either….)

  12. Heather says:

    You guys are all so funny! I needed that this morning (forgot to set my coffee maker and had to settle for a cup off odd, coffeee flavored water stuff with a milk-like polymer added).

    Andy-I’m guessing that a team of about 15 people, many of whom are men, don’t want to be referred to tht way ; )

    I think there might be some winners in there!

  13. Heather says:

    Oh-I thought of some more…

    The Screaming Clients

    The Employee Referrals

  14. Nathan says:

    I Moved Your Cheese

  15. Chris Haaker says:

    Lousy With Flowers or

    Personnel Pimps

  16. JohnB says:

    I don’t know why, but I keep chuckling at Nathan’s entry.

    Some others:


    Rabid Recruiters

    Your bonuses are based on our number of wins

  17. Heather says:

    JohnB-me too…nathan is funny. oopsie, I’m late for my rabies shot ; )

  18. mike w says:

    The Resourceful Humans.
    <br>Heather’s Heavy Hitters.
    <br>The MicroBats
    <br>thats all I got. Waiting for Apprentice to start. 🙂

  19. Noah says:

    The Great "Gates".

  20. mike w says:

    aww. my comments didn’t show up from yesterday. I think I had *The Resourceful Humans* and another one or two. But I don’t remember. 🙁 Oh yeah, *The MicroBats*

  21. The Fuming Helens ?

  22. Jo Masterson says:

    How about: “Undiscovered Talent”

    Have a great game,


  23. Ando says:

    How about "The People People"

  24. HeatherLeigh says:

    Sorry MikeW—something weird going on with my moderation, but still it was almost surely user error (meaning me as the moderator).

    Ando-that’s very peoplesoft-ish…they call their employees people people. GOod name for them if we were playing them…perhaps we could challenge them to a game if we beat MSN ; )

  25. Canseco's Pop-a-Roids says:

    Its big in baseball!!

  26. patblue says:

    For some reason I can only think of highly inappropriate names for this softball team. I am of little help here.

  27. Roger Irwin says:

    sexual harrassment

  28. The Cutbacks says:

    The Cutbacks, nothing to with softball and maybe nothing to do with legal department.

  29. Renny says:

    Evil Petting Zoo (from Austin Powers)

    Ropes Course Ravens

    Kick OS

    A cool site to manage team is at

  30. goalie says:

    Our team has been trying to think of a name for a while know but apparently were not very creative. Can any one help us? We need a one word name like… Velocity is one we came up with. Were a girls 16 year old team and we have our first tournament coming up in a couple of weeks so if any one could help that would be great!

  31. Karen says:

    I like the Ponytail Express

  32. pete says:

    I like the ”Lady Lizards” or ”Geeky Geckos”

  33. GINGER403 says:









  34. AMPY says:


  35. ace-411 says:

    scared hitless

  36. lightning, sorm, strickers,, runs  not buns, tornados, blast, hit squad, bullets, sparks, attitudes, chicas, chaos, shutdowns, beoches, hoochies, thunder bunnies, mud cats, pussy cat dolls, flirtie girls, dirty divass, diamond divas,rippers,  hood rats, mall rats, alley boys, saddle soars, wild cats trojans, incognito, fast girls, killer dolls, amazons, angry chicks, waves, heat, hurricans, cyclones, venom, rage, stingers, intimidators, balls out,, federals, comets, queen bees, she devils, rattlers, in the zone, bandits, rebels, heat waves, strike force X treme, panthers, out of control, whole enchiladqa, mean girls, nasty girls,wrecking crew, misfits, salsa girls, .     At work company names bichy and bossy, head hunters, know nothing, kiss asses, diktators,

  37. After 52 hours I see dead people, Ball Busters, Church of the Inflatable Clysesdales, Dead Bunnies Don’t burn, Dirt Eaters, Exploding Rodents, Fighting Ballerinas, Habitat for Insanity, Home Honey I’m High, If She’s 7 of 9, let’s seee 1 through 6, Knights of Neek, Lavish Display of Ignorance, Piglet: The other white meat, Scoring is the Least of Our Problems, Team 9 from Outer Space, UWSP (Underwear with Special Powers), We got Beer we don’t need underwear, what a friend we have in cheeses, Satanic Buttmonkeys of America.

  38. MicroSoft’s Home Run Women (MSHRW)

    or Most SHaRed Winners (MSHRW)

    or …

  39. caitlin says:

    the battitudes,dirt devils,dirt divas,dimond dusters,lady intimidators,dirt rockers,dirt monkeys,(have u noticed that i like dirt,really!!)ballers,dimond devils,

    i will post more when i think them up!!! l8r 4 now!!

  40. Lizzie says:

    Splat, Elmos, Work it, Ultimate Barneys, South Coast Sand, Practice Makes Perfect. My personal favorite South Coast Sand.

  41. Carlos Velejositan says:

    i really like Cha Cha Mermaids

    Some girls were talkin bout it at school

    my friend said The Staples Center.

    do NOT NOT do the misfits

  42. Allison Williamson says:

    I like the following names cause u want to make the opposing teams scared of u!!!! LOL!                                       ORANGE CRUSH,THE FAST & THE FURIOUS, LIVE WIRES,SPARKLERS!!! ALL MY BRAIN CAN THINK OF FOR NOW

  43. Lavanya says:

    Hi Heather,

    Just went through some of the suggestions on your web page because we are trying to come up with a funny name for the HR dept at work! These ideas are cool…

    Hope the game was just as much fun!



  44. ashy says:


    Softball.With.Attitude <3

  45. polo says:

    taz-manion she devils



  46. Kelly says:

    Here’s some names our new team is pondering….

    The Swingers

    Sweet Spot

    The Tailgaters

    Team HAZMAT

    Help Wanted

    The Cliche’s

  47. Connie A says:

    My daughters team is the Diamond Girls my younger daughters team is the Lady Bugz and we have played a team called Sandlot that I liked too.

  48. Jo Jo says:

    I think a good softball team name is The Super Strikers. :]

  49. Jo Jo says:

    Hi I  have a few softball team names for you The Lady LugNuts,The Uliminaters,The Crushers,and All Star Sluggers bye! : ]

  50. Carol Jones says:

    We used LIGHTS OUT! this season   ans SHOWTIME! for All Stars

  51. Nikki Odo says:

    Our team this year was Texas Heat and other teams in our league was wildcats, diamond divas, da bombs, and we used Bad medicine.  

  52. Alexandra Sanchez aka aleberry says:

    when i was in the little league my teams name was "Diamond Divas"

  53. zara says:

    hiim trying to think of softball names for a baby blue team… we are pondering



    and we have to have something that we can sing in cheers…

    ps… i luv this site….

  54. Dexter says:

    How about Diamond Dozen (Dime a Dozen)

  55. nemma says:

    how about the:





    mini xtreme




    master batters





    and the thunder

    i know alot of team names ….. theese are all teams ive played and im only 10

  56. J-PoT says:

    the best one ever is "the sons of pitches"

  57. Alexis says:

    How about the marriners the marlins the rockies if its all girls then the pink ladies

  58. summer says:

    did that 10 year old girl say that she played on a team called master batters?  10 years old… i either A- find that hard to believe.  or B- am slightly sickened.

    i’ve been trying to come up with some too.

    The Dusty Diamonds

    The Dirty Diamonds

    The Madness

    The Bandits

    The Nameless

    i also am on a department softball team and i appreciate the ideas all.  rock on.

  59. skc says:

    this year we were called N-V-us cuz no one liked us cuz we had a VERY good team!! um… theres killer cleats, hot shots, dominators, eliminators, POWER puffs, turf queens, ballers, golden gloves, and… dirty dozen! thats all i got for now

  60. danl says:









    OFF CONSTANTLY..                 that way when you lose the announcer will say captain nick and the seamen beat off constantly 10-7

  61. ac says:

    S.W.A.T (softball with aditude) or e-LEMON-ated

  62. CoolCat says:

    I would  say…….

    .Microwaved Marshmellows

    .Helmet Head heros

    .Cool Cats

    .Ciotic Cereal

    .No Namers


                         Hope I helped

  63. my team name is wild cats but we been thinking of some names…..

    duster busters



    ice breakers


    cool whips

    ice  creams

    kill batters

    blue crushers

    home girls

    diamond dusters

    dirt divas

    master winners

    speed runners

    speedie runnie

    lucy loose

    honey bunnys

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