What I’ll never do

Two things that I will never ever do:  this and this


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  1. Mark Tookey says:

    Oh, come on Heather, you know that deep down inside, the roll of duct tape has been calling to you…


  2. Howard Hoy says:

    It’s better to use the fire proof duct tape for your wallet. :-).

  3. Heather says:

    Mark-only because it’s prettier than my masking tape.

    Howard-is that because your money burns a hole in your pocket?


  4. Mark Tookey says:


    So, the question is, what can you make with the masking tape…


  5. Heather says:

    Mark-not much. I can make a sticky tape ball that kind of hurts if you get hit with it. And I can make something stick to something else…that is pretty much it.

  6. Eric K. says:

    …is click on the above links.

  7. Eric K. says:

    D’oh. someone policed the spam links while I was posting

  8. for some unknown reason … i was compelled to make the wallet. it took about 45 minutes, and turned out really well. not that i’m actually going to use it … but it was fun to make

  9. JohnB says:

    You could always make this with Masking Tape:


    Kind of frightening actually…


  10. Not sure what you wouldn’t do. Sit next to a sales VP? Or talk about the experience? 😉

  11. I bet if Kate Spade made a duct tape bag all the beautiful people would buy it. It is all about branding! She would not call it duct tape but something that would would be exotic and expensive. It is all how you spin it.

  12. Heather says:

    Casey…now I know someone who actually did that. Interesting!

    JohnB-that is firghtening. I’m starting to believe there’s a community of people really into tape. Weird!

    Scoble- geek camping! Or really just camping in general.

    Chris-I’m sure someone would buy that but not me! Duct tape exotic and expensive…yeah right!

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