Hot Job: Social Networking Marketing Manager

Oh, I secretly want this job but I don’t think I can have it ; ) (shhhhh…don’t tell my manager). Anyway, I figured if you know about blogging and social networking and are a marketer, there’s a decent chance you have been here (my blog) before (I may just be humoring myself…feel free to go along with me and we can be friends). Anyone interested, feel free to get in touch with me:

I’m going to post more on other work that our Information Worker Groups is doing. As an information worker myself (you probably are too, right?), some of their stuff is impressing the heck out of me (Infopath, OneNote). Anyway, this positions below focuses on the socila networking/collaboration space. Very cool stuff. 

Marketing Manager

Do you want to explore new marketing territory? Change people’s perceptions? Deliver the next great value prop and launch a unique v1 product in a new category? If so, read on – this job is for you!

Research shows that 80% of an organization’s knowledge can be locked up in the heads of its employees. Our vision is to use software to discover that knowledge and help information workers share it by consistently finding and connecting with each other at the right time – for the right reasons.

We believe in experts on-demand – we see social networking as a tool to get things done.

To successfully launch this product, you will need to create a compelling value proposition for a new kind of product and change perceptions about things like privacy and the business value of tacit employee knowledge and relationship capital.

We are looking for a self-directed marketing veteran to drive the exploration and closure of all business and marketing tasks, evangelize our story, and launch the v1 product. The ideal candidate has a minimum of 7 years experience marketing software products, and would be responsible for developing detailed value propositions for multiple audiences; maintaining accurate information on competitors; working together with other teams in the Office business group on positioning, naming, and messaging; developing sales tools such as sales guides, case studies, and datasheets; and defining the overall launch strategy and marketing plan.

Candidates must have experience driving the marketing and launch planning and execution for software products, work well in a small fast-paced team environment, and have excellent cross-group collaboration skills. Candidates should have a BA in Business, Marketing, Communications, or Journalism. An MBA is preferred.


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  1. I could totally do that! If only you didn’t have that USC fan rule… 🙁

  2. Heather says:

    What? You have to be a USC fan to work here? Think of all the Harvard and Wharton alums here…you don’t even have to know the difference between a football and a basketball. Of course, if you do, you are exceptional ; )