Apprentice 8: I’m sick of this show and John is just sick

I can’t do it anymore. This episode is the one that put me over the edge. This week, I cannot recap the crudfest from beginning to end: it started with crud, it ended with crud. So, since I am not going to the effort of the full recap (I may feel differently after this week’s episode), I’ll just comment on a few things.

First, John….ew! I mean it…yuck! gross! and you have got to be kidding me! And also, I blame the producers too. There is absolutely no way that John became this icky overnight. The idea of the producers manipulating us to support John when he’s been a misogynist the whole time. I’m seriously sickened. And that chain thing he wore looked stupid. I have one of those and I’m a chick! And one more thing: being gross like that in real life is one thing, but have the good sense to keep your mouth shut about it at work…oh yeah, and on national TV! What? Are you new? I have a couple more things to say but I am not typing them on my blog. I am thinking them in my head and they are angry, angry words. Buh-bye now John.

And Tana. Oh boy Tana. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The real cool people are laughing at you. Everybody else is laughing with you. I’m not sure which group is bigger. For shizzle, my dogg. That was straight up goofy. Ah, well, this might be the only time where the comedy was intended so props for that. And she and Craig did a good job negotiating. Just promise us you won’t ever talk like that again Tana, K? I mean never.

OK, also splitting the teams up. What was Chris thinking when he gave Craig and Tana to the other team? I seriously think he was worried about the competition on his team when it came to the boredroom. Here’s a little clue for you Chris: if you stop losing, you don’t have to vote people off. Duh! Now Magna is clearly the stronger team.

I’m changing my projected winner  back to Kendra. She just seems to get it and has been instrumental in winning several of the tasks. I’m sure the producers are manipulating me and next week we are going to find out she kicks puppies, right? Besides Trump’s reputation, I still don’t get why he seems to like Erin so much.

As far as the boredroom, good recovery from Chris on why he put John in charge of negotiating but still. If you fall into big brother/little brother roles in a work group, you are in trouble. When you have that kind of relationship, you make emotional decisions which are not conducive for business. Be allies but make the hard decisions when you have to. The team leader needs to be where the real deals are taking place (whether it’s a procurement deal or a sales exchange). So irresponsible for Chris to remove himself from that part completely. He’s a short timer and we’ll miss his little emotional, I-want-a-golden-egg outbursts.

Incidentally, there’s a whole lesson (or several) to be learned here about getting in the head of your customer/partner (which John obviously didn’t do and didn’t allow Erin or Stephanie to do) and negotiating (what George said about giving them something to say no to). Not that everyone wants to be a crunk cup bearer or be Moby’s shadow for a week, but you gotta ask. By the way, if there was an Earth Wind and Fire, Jon Stewart or USC Football related prize, I would have bid big time.

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  1. JD says:

    Btw I like Erin because she is so cute and adorable! May be Trump feels the same way. 😉


  2. Darrell says:

    Finally! I got sick of it too! The whole "street smarts vs. school smarts" was so overrated, in my opinion. Yes it was better than the men vs. women of years past, but boy was it annoying having all my friends rib me about that (I have an MBA). That and all of the college grads want to write b-plans for day-long assignments, and the street people can’t manage their way out of a wet paper bag. Ah, I guess I have watched too much of a show I don’t like. 🙂

  3. Dude…USC Football *barf* is so last year. Live in the now!


    Yes…it’s sad but I have nothing relevant to say re: the apprentice…

  4. Aaron Weiker says:

    First of all, I agree completely about John. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Erin slapped him. Then in the boardroom, I don’t know what the deal was. I felt like Chris should have been fired, that was until the last thing he said. Seriously guys, think about what you are saying before you say it. Yes your in front of one of the most intimidating men in the country, but if you can’t think clearly there how do you expect to handle real life?

    As far as the show goes, I think it serves a really good purpose right now. It is one huge Anti-Pattern.

    So now I’m thinking, is Trump going to pick the best person, or the one he can put up with for the year they are around?

  5. Vic Berggren says:

    This show stinks and reminds me of bickering teenagers… Oh, and Chris is capable of coming completely unglued at any moment, have you ever seen someone sitting right on the edge like he is?

  6. I think we are seeing the cream rising in regards to the strengths and weaknesses between college trained and street trained people. A small thing that people over look about college (especially large universities) is that people are exposed to many different situations and people. Not to take away from the Net Worth team but they seem to have gained their success from a narrow road that they conquered and flourished on. I know so many people I attended college with that have changed careers a few times with success. They did it because I view them as flexible from their years in college. The Net Worth team seems to have a harder time with the changing situations than the Magna team.

    In regards to John, I think he may have been built up to be torn down. I do not think he is as bad of a person as last weeks episode showed just as he was not as good as the first 6 weeks showed. I said from an earlier comment that the people in control are mark Burnett and the editors. They could make Mother Teresa look bad with enough video tape.

    I like Alex now to win. He has shown the least resistance to the changes each week. He is not the strongest but seems to have the most level head.

  7. I like alex to win as well, although I feel like production wise there may be some pressure to pick a girl…and I think a couple of the girls are pretty strong at this point. I agree that john was probably built up to be torn down, and the same will probably happen again.

    What is Craig bringing to the table exactly? He seems to just be (successfully thus far) flying under the radar…we’ll see what happens when he leads…

  8. I got sick of the show couple of weeks ago. John was my pick and boy was I stunned to see him behave like that. When I think about all the production that goes into that I feel it is a waste of time. May be Verna made the best decision to quit. May be all of the candidates are like John, or Brian.

    I think my pick will be Kendra at this point too. But I have a feeling Erin will be there to stay. What I am sure of is that Chris cannot survive with his temper problem. It is hillarious how his temper accelerates, so to speak:)

  9. daryllmc says:

    I laughed, I cried and busted my gut. Too funny…great recap. 🙂

  10. Heather says:

    I’m with you Turker!

    Daryll…don’t hurt yourself 😉