What a non-technical Microsoft employee looks like (alternate title: Heather sees if she can add pictures to blog posts)

I'm experimenting with adding pictures to my posts. Don't laugh...I told you I wasn't technical! Also, not particularly photogenic but whatever...this is the best I got right now.

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  1. Heather says:

    Hey cool…it works!

  2. Humbugs says:


  3. James says:

    Non-technical people have nice teeth. Techies should stop drinking Jolt.

  4. Viewer says:

    The image looks squished when viewing the webpage in IE.

  5. Mark says:

    Cute! But the pic you posted in your bio looks even better. Me likes!

  6. JD says:

    Nice pic. It’s always great to see the face behind the blog. It helps more to ‘connect’ with blog and the author.


  7. Gautam says:

    hey Heather

    I can’t see the imaage…wonder why 😕


  8. Nathan says:

    Speaking of non-technical, I saw a bunch of nice looking ladies over at Excell this afternoon. 😉

  9. I thought all MS employees were sporting iPods these days? Here’s a nice picture of Heather minus the ‘pod. 🙂

  10. Heather says:

    James-my dentists thanks you ; )Here’s a hint…drink caffeinated beverages through a straw…it keeps teeth from getting gross.

    Gautam-I have no idea

    Nathan-there are nice looking folks all over Microsoft. I think the image people have of Microsoft employees isn’t always accurate (although, you can find barefoot developers all around). So don’t let it surprise you.

    Brett-nice try, but iPods are NOT a fashion statement in my circle. That doesn’t take away from the fact that Apple put together a great product. But folks like me don’t consider consumer electronics to be a fashion statement. A nice MAC lipstick and some killer boots…now there’s a fashion statement!

    Now that I know that it works, I may go out and get a digital camera (I know…don’t laugh) so I can document more intersting stuff.

  11. michael says:

    If a lot of the women at microsoft look like you and verna I wouldnt mind working there

  12. jason davis says:

    I found some other pictures of you on the net your fans may be interested in. I will refrain from posting without your permission of course.

  13. Heather says:

    Thanks Jason…the thought of having "fans" is a little weird to me ; ) Let’s call them "readers". I’ll post stuff as it makes sense in my posts (there’s already a link to another pic in my bio anyway). I had to store the photos in a public album so I could post them here but am thinking of hosting them on an MS server instead.

    I love sharing here but I’m a bit wary of people focusing too much on pictures, if you know what I mean (and it really freaks my mom out too). Just trying not to cross the line from "private citizen with blog" to "property of the Internet". ; )

    Thanks for the offer though! ; )

  14. Howard Hoy says:


    It’s was a very nice surprise to see your picture in my SharpReader view, it kinda interrupted my speed reading of the blogsphere.

    Nothing like having your picture stand out and say HELLO. Great Post.



    Your picture on the following link continues to be popular with my viewers.


    I however, like the ear muff one.

    This guy is the second runner up.


    I will be migrating my site to CommunityServer in the near future and take advantage of it’s robust gallery features. That way, I can add more pictures, faster. 🙂

    My Dev Site


    Read you later,


  15. mike w says:

    so now you have figured out images on the blog, where is the new office? Or is it still all boxes?

  16. Anonymous coward says:

    Mmmh. Are you single?

  17. Heather says:

    Mike-I move into the new office next week. Definitely have to get a camera and take pics but I probably won’t be settled in for a bit.

    Anonymous Coward-this isn’t that kind of site ; )

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