Bill Gates interview with Peter Jennings

Here . Peter Jennings' phrasing of the technology questions seems a little odd to me (and trust me, I am no techie). It would be nice to see more traditional news anchors (if that is what they are called) bone up on the terminology relevant to such a pervasive industry in the US. Perhaps he sounded more fluid in the TV interview. There's something about his questions about "open sourcing" that made me feel like he didn't have a lot of knowledge about what he was really asking.

For folks seeking jobs at Microsoft (or other companies covered by the media), this kind of interview (about the direction of a company, it's culture, etc.), is definitely a worthwhile read in terms of preparing for conversations with recruiting and the hiring manager. You'll get these more broad interviews from major news organizations versus trade/tech journals. So seeking this kind of high level info, you might start your searches with larger publications. Just a thought.


Comments (4)

  1. Pat Martini says:

    I think it was Peter Jennings interviewing Bill.

  2. Heather says:

    Pat…right…it’s a "Bill Gates Interview" with Peter Jennings (as in With Peter Jennings asking the questions)

  3. Domi says:


    do you know if there is a way of getting the interview transcript? I missed it and would like to read it …


  4. Heather says:

    Yes-click on the link in my post above. The transcript is published.

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