Are two blogs better than one?

Well, my job has changed (just in time for my office move). This is a good thing since it's pushing me further into what I love (creating broad programs and strategies that are not specific to any one business at Microsoft but impact how we hire people across the company) and away from what I have already done (lots of phone screens and working on reqs). It was just time for a change, especially since I have been doing this for a while. So along with the fact that my job description is changing, the scope of work is changing too. I'll also be working on programs for finance. If you've hung around here long enough to read my bio, you know that I started my recruiting career in the finance space, so I have to re-learn some things. Part of what I will and already do is work on processes. The other part is really a marketing job focused on attracting the folks that aren't looking (so now I'll be able to talk more about marketing from the standpoint of someone that's doing it...officially!). I feel pretty lucky to work in an organization where management has the flexibility to create a role based on my own personal strengths. The more I write about this..the more I think I have a lot for work to do!

Anyway, so here's my question...given the fact that I'm still going to be blogging, what do you think about this being a marketing and finance blog? Taking into account blogger fatigue if I were to have 2 blogs, of that fact that a lot of what I blog isn't specific to one discipline or the other. Would I lose readers if I blog about both? I was thinking about tweaking the design a bit anyway...what do you think? 

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  1. Alan Yeung says:

    Maybe you can simply rename the blog to "Heather’s "Business at Microsoft" Blog".

  2. daryllmc says:

    I like Alan’s suggestion. Other than the occassional job posting I find your entries to be pretty broadly applicable.

  3. Phil Weber says:

    As long as you consistently categorize your entries, a single blog is fine. People who are interested in only certain subjects can subscribe to the feeds for those categories.

  4. Howard Hoy says:

    Either way I will still tune in. It would be nice to have two categories.

  5. JimmyM says:

    Make the current set of categories subcats under a ‘marketing’ header, and then make another set of categories under a ‘finance’ header, then people who don’t want the finance side don’t have to read it.

  6. Nicole Simon says:

    If I would not like finance things, I might be tempted to want a category from you with ‘everything but’.

    But in my case:

    "Marketing, Careers, Recruiting, Microsoft and other bright shiny objects that caught my attention"

    I am not reading a special topic. This might have catched my initial attention first, but now I am reading Heather’s blog.


  7. Turker says:

    I think arranging the categories is better than having two blogs. I would still be reading in any case. It is also going to be interesting to see some finance related posts as well. Good luck in your new role and in your new office.

  8. Just rebrand your blog. I started out blogging about a specific topic and then spread out to include many things. I renamed my blog and now I enjoy it more since I feel I have the freedom to write about anything.

  9. William Luu says:

    I agree with having multiple categories and just selecting the categories that the particular post relates to.

    So it’s perhaps a way to also stay on topic without going too far into another topic.

    As far as rebranding the blog, it shouldn’t matter too much I think.

    I mean, I don’t even notice most blog titles anymore.

    I just see a new item in my rss reader next to your name, and click on it and that’s it.

  10. I read your blog not because it has anything to do with recruiting or marketing but because I find it interesting, and your writing style and content hold my interest. Reminds me a bit of Mark Cubans blog. He talks a lot of sports, but I find his topics on stocks just as interesting. I look forward to reading more about your new role.

  11. Steve Shu says:

    I’m trying to bulk with the Scoble "I read 1000+ blogs a day plan" so 1 or 2 blogs should make no difference … just make the RSS feeds available!

    On more serious notes, I tune in because you have one of the few blogs that I’ve seen that covers HR. Plus your writing is very down to earth.

  12. Go for it! Congrads on new job 🙂

  13. Steve Shu says:

    Actually, there’s a few more things I thought of. May want to think about the volume of finance people vs. marketing people you would be looking at. May not have sufficient volume of readers to split things right away. My off-the-cuff feel for finance vs. marketing is that you would have less volume for finance (based on number of jobs). Anecdotally, I also think that I have run into much fewer finance people that read blogs compared to software developers and marketing people.

  14. Heather, I will read anything you write, because I have come to expect this blog to be an eclectic mix of the fun, serious, witty, analytic, informative, and … miscellaneous.

    But if you feel the need to apply focussed effort in one direction or another, or split the content, then you do what makes you happy. You really have no "responsibility" to anyone other than yourself to provide content that you feel should be here. Your readers will continue to be such.

  15. Robin Capper says:

    I started a Blog with the intention of having a CAD software focused Blog but its spun off into all sorts of subjects. Thought about re-focusing and splitting but found just a category split is better. You are only managing one Blog/template etc so the time spent on managing multiple Blog’s can be used to create content.

  16. Gautam says:


    Stick to one…

    Too many issues of having 2 blogs unless the subjects are too different !

    Like, tracking URLs , adding to bloglines

    Nope, we are too lazy ;-))

  17. mike w says:

    One blog, two or more categories. Two blogs means some of us will miss something now and then. and more importantly, it would likley be more work for you to maintain. Blogging should be fluid and not involving ‘should I post this here or there’ kinda stuff. And I imagine you would end up linking back and forth a lot anyway.

    And which one would the Apprentice go under? Even if they air another non swearing episode? 🙂

  18. mike w says:

    Oh, and congrats. 🙂

  19. Joe says:

    Firstly, congratulations on successfully rewriting/creating your own job description. It’s an opportunity that far too few people have — cherish it and the company that’s allowed you to do it (despite any other qualms I have with MS — being an open source type — everything i’ve heard has left me with the impression that they’re a great employer).

    As for the blog, you don’t need me to tell you that it’s totally up to you and most of us will continue reading pretty much no matter what you do — bar ceasing to write at all. The category suggestion is a good one, though from my POV, I come here to read what Heather writes, full stop.

    Congratulations again and best wishes in your new position!

  20. Mark Mullin says:

    Marketing and Finance blog – hmmm – Wouldn’t that be something on the order of the laissez-faire capitalism and planned state economy blog 😛

    Both are interesting subjects, I’d agree with the previous posters concerning simple categorization of the entries. That said, I’d vote for a third category for when something really is marketing AND finance, as those would probably be the most interesting. Those would either be the really insightful entries, or the great descriptions of bloody interbuilding warfare…..

    I run multiple blogs, but those blogs are split between my corporate and personal identities – I wouldn’t split a blog on content issues, I’d leave that for when the speaker fundamentally changes, e.g. Heather the Microsoft Marketing and Finance blogger, and H@Home, the closet Linux fanatic and chronic slashdot poster 🙂


  21. I write two blogs because I have (nostly) very different things to say in each blog. The hiring blog (in the link above) stays focused on hiring issues. The Managing Product Development blog is all over the map. Not everyone subscribes to both blogs.

    How do you envision people using the blogs? What will you say that’s similar? What will be different?

    Congrats on the new job!

  22. Hi Heather,

    Congrats on the new position!

    I think people – at least this is true for me – find a blog because of the subject and continue reading it for the blogger’s personality.

    Just rename the blog. Your posts are widely applicable.

    Steve Crothers

    Rational Recruiting

  23. Alex says:

    Ditto. Keep it one blog. I’ve tried having multiple blogs for multiple interests, but people are really most interested in what *you* have to say – no reason to check two sources for that.

    Now, if they were completely different topics, that’s one thing, but people are right, you are really blogging about *business* at Microsoft (and the Apprentice).


  24. Devin Reams says:

    Another vote for just one blog. I just like reading about ‘Heather’, period. 😉

  25. Michael says:

    I am actually excited that you will start blogging on finance related topics. I personally came from a Marketing and Finance background and education. My interest in reading your blog have just shot up 1000%. I hope you enjoy your new role @ Microsoft. Looking forward to your future blogs. Keep up the good work.

  26. John Bailey says:

    Just casting another vote for the idea of one blog. Your writing style, humor, and insight are what keeps me coming back… I’d hate to miss something because I had to keep track of two Heather blogs.

    And congrats on the new job!

  27. Jack Rounds says:

    My vote would be to continue with on blog. I have enjoyed reading your blog for several months. I also just enjoy reading about just Heather and the various topics you write about. Thanks for all the insights.

  28. Ian says:

    Congrats on the new job! As long as you keep providing interesting reading, 1 blog will do just fine! 🙂

  29. TC says:

    I think adding a finance category within the same blog would be a better idea. Also, currently most of the MS interview/job blogs focus on technical and marketing areas (which they are supposed to) but as finance graduately plays a more important role in the company, it’s a good idea to provide additional guidance or topics to help these professionals in planning their career within the company.

  30. Henry Boehlert says:

    All the best for tackling your new challenges. I hope you’ll have time for blogging.

    I think one can always really focus on one blog, although I’d take the two blogs exit to keep separate what I write for my co-workers and for my friends/family.

    I mean, you don’t need a discrete blog unless it’s for a "dark side". 🙂

  31. Anonymous says:

    Of course I do read blogs on special topics, but the charme of the blogospere to me is building relationships with people through reading their blogs, commenting, mailing, and even more. From very close connections to very loose ones.

  32. John says:

    I think the most interesting aspects of your blog are your comments about working at MS in general, and how it impacts your work in recuiting. I think this change affords you an interesting opportunity – it would be very interesting to hear your comments comparing and contrasting your experiences in trying to generate excitement around working at MS for two vastly different professions – what are the preconceptions for each group and how do you message to validate or re-direct them etc…

    Overall – I don’t think the profession/skill set you are reciuting makes much difference at all – call the blog whatever you want, but keep it up –

  33. Steve says:

    Just working on an MS based project should be exciting. Think of all the code you’d see.:)

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