I’m moving offices…again!

I know...you're thinking "didn't she just move offices? Are her hall-mates sick of her already?" Not even.

Last move was to get me into the same building as my team. The next shift is to move around the groups within the building. I went down and checked out my new office and it is phat (hee!)! OK, get this..it's actually in the Microsoft Library. There are 2 offices with big windows in the library, facing the sunny side of the building and I get one! There are no offices next door and I can park right outside my office. It's bigger and lighter than my current office (which I still actually like...I would call it cozy)

I can't wait until someone dares to make a noise in the hallway so I can lean out and say :"shhhhhhhhhh"

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  1. The Librarian says:


  2. mike w says:

    You have to post a pic of your new offices when you are moved in so we can all be suitably jealous!

  3. JimmyM says:

    I see you waited to post this until I left Seattle so I couldn’t come by and gloat about the apprentice 🙂

    Good for you, though. When I asked my last interviewer if all employees got window offices (because all the ones i’d been to were windows) he says it comes with seniority so you must be moving up in the world!

  4. Nathan says:

    Doesn’t Microsoft need strong people to move you from office to office? That’s something I could do. How can I apply to be a Mover?

  5. Heather says:

    Jimmy-what? you expected me to be logged on Sunday? That’s a little suspoicious, don’t ya think? : ) The window office thing depends on the tenure of your team. I got a window office about 5 years ago…I was lucky. I’m telling ya…my new office is super cool. Just wait til I move in, I’ll post pics as mIke suggested.

    Nathan-we contract with a local moving company

  6. Heather says:

    I forgot to mention that the office I am getting is actually a "corner office" but anyone who works here knows that doesn’t mean squat. I just thought it was funny that it happens to be on a corner of the building. I feel like Bob Uecker (sp?): "this must be the front row!"

  7. OK, don’t laugh. I actually asked for it this time. For those of you that asked if we move offices as…

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