Link purge…what I thought looked interesting

I need to get a better blog reading strategy. I've been reading blogs in my little bits of spare time during they day. Those are becoming fewer and farther between.  I keep saving posts in bloglines thinking that I will come back to them and blog about them. By the time I do, the volume is overwhelming. Anyway, here's what caught my eye recently. If nothing else, this is a cleansing least for my bloglines account:

How do you measure the art (not science) of business? from Business Pundit



What Employment at Will Really Means ( via



How to Figure Out if You are an Employer of Choice from



Windows XP Tricks


Google blogger fired? And more on the topic



McDonald’s Lame Fake French Fry Blog

You knew it was fake when the blogger referenced keeping up with “all the comments coming in”…yeah, all 7 of them? That’s tough. It ain’t no “I Love Bees” (but nice try with the “this is getting weird” post). Come on Micky D' can do way better than that.


Zeeshan Yoonas talks about Platform Leadership


How to Manage Smart PeopleAfter spending nine years at Microsoft managing some of the smartest people in the world, Scott has a few tips to share on the art of managing the best.” (I hate the word "manifesto", but Scott makes some points here that I think will get people focused on the right things)



Martin Taylor (Microsoft’s Platform Strategy expert on Linux) on Slashdot



What Corp America is Reading (via Seth Godin)

And not just because Seth is listed first ; )




Comments (2)

  1. mike w says:

    *How to Manage Smart People* was a great find. Going to distro it to my peers. Concise and to the point.



  2. Nathan says:

    When I become a CEO, I’m positive a lot of this information will come in handy. WHEN I become a CEO… At the moment, my desperation has risen to new levels. No longer am I considering the United States Army, but rather the army of short-shorts, UPS.

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