Streets and Trips, my mom’s favorite Microsoft product

Only blogging about this because my mom (who is in sales) is such an enthusiastic fan of Streets and Trips. Here's a review in USA Today.  Every time a new version comes out, I have to buy it for her and a bunch of her co-workers (separate copies of course, not that big of a deal since I get a discount). She loves that you can plan one trip with several stops (for example is you call on clients).

Hee! My mom is a Streets and Trips power user! Go Mom!

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  1. joseph says:

    Maybe she should try 🙂

  2. Heather says:

    um, because it doesn’t do the same things that Streets and Trips does…read the article.

  3. My parents are in the same boat. They have used Streets since the first version and it keeps getting better. I use MapPoint for quick trips but for longer, more complex trips Streets is far superior. It’s one of those unheralded MS products like Photo Story and Publisher that get little press but are excellent products.

  4. Ry Jones says:

    mappoint is more business oriented, s&t more consumer oriented. she may enjoy using both.

  5. Heather says:

    Brett-I agree on those other products too. I started using publisher back in, I think it was, 1997. I’ve seen what other people have done with Photo Story but haven’t yet used it myself…a digital camera is one of the things I’ve been resisting buying for years…someday.

    Ry-I actually think it’s the opposite. If she is going to do sales calls (one day with multi-stops), she would want to use streets and trips.

  6. Alex says:


    Just a facts and general comparison between Streets and Trips and

    – MS S & T – $30-$120 product that requires Windows Desktop OS and CE as it requires installation

    – – Free service, browser based and does not requires any installation, no fee, just use as you please.

    – Guess Google is also planning a big attack on the GPS version with the acquisition of

    – I had a chance to check that, it is really cool. You find street locations via satelite imaging, just the instant your search for it and its FREE.

    Ain’t that a lot cooler than purchasing software in a box for $120, waiting for the shipment to reach you, installing it and then using it.

    I agree that MS S & T does a little more like calculating your fuel stops and fuel consumption. Maybe it is Google Map’s – roadmap.:-)

    I feel MS S&T should get on as a free service. Maybe with a host of users MS can realize its UDDI dream of business finding business (

    I have just expressed honest opinions, questions, and views considering the current state of market. I not biased against MS or Google. I admire Microsoft’s success and Google software & success 🙂

    I understand that you cannot agree with me.

  7. Clark says:

    I wouldn’t give up S&T for anything. I work for a company that provides hardware support for a large bank in the MD, VA and DC area. I have to change my route on the fly multiple times a day. Using an online service is just impossible. If it wasn’t for S&T I would still be lost in the maze that is DC.

  8. Heather says:

    Alex…I could agree with you if I wanted. If I were to make a choice between the 2, I would do it on features relative to specific needs. Given that I really don’t use either of the products, I don’t feel that I can really agree or disagree. I wasn’t actually comparing products, I was just taling about a product that my mom liked. If someone needed to choose between the 2, I would think it would really depend on WHICH features they like. Based on everything that I have heard so far, it still sounds to me like Streets and Trips is a better product for my mom’s (work/travel) purposes.

    Clark-it sounds like you are using it in the same way my mom is. Glad you like it too!

  9. Clark says:

    I just upgraded to 2005 with the GPS locator included today. Thanks Federal Tax Return and my 3 little deductions! 🙂 The GPS takes Streets & Trips to a whole new level. I can’t imagine how I lived without it. Well worth the additional cash for that.

  10. Mom says:

    One of my favorite features on MS Street & Trips, I have used when traveling in a new territory. I load in all the clients addresses and Streets and Trips feeds back the most efficient sequence to take, to call on them. Of course, you are all the time thinking–what’s the chance of the client being available in my "prefered sequence ." But it is a good starting point for planning.

    And never forget to add the last stop–your hotel (or when I am traveling in the Northwest, Heather’s home–thank you dolly!) so you can get your tired self home. Otherwise reading directions backwards is rough going.

  11. Jennifer says:

    I love both S&T and google mapping. I have used S&T for my long, cross-country trips and have longed to have it on my computer at work. My boss won’t spring for it and I can’t load it from my disc because my disc is a dvd version (came with computer) and my computer at work doesn’t have a dvd drive – so I’ve come to love google mapping at work – not as detailed, but works way better than another online mapping program I won’t mention 😉

  12. Erick T says:

    I gave a friend of mine a copy of S&T with the GPS unit. He has a video blog, and did an interesting video featuring S&T. I would recommend you check it out.

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